Thursday, January 30, 2014

Save Money When You Do What You Like To Do...

If I do this through Cashkaro, I will be saving money !
It is not new for people to read about my online shopping experience. I have always loved the convenience of checking out large stack of products and picking them from the comfort of home. It not only saves me time and money, but also gives me wider range of products to choose from.
Unfortunately, I lost some good money saving opportunity last month when I went on a shopping spree. I did not know that if I went shopping to the websites through Cashkaro, I would have received cash back from them on the products I purchased. The top offers show that you can get as much as Rs. 180 Cashback on orders over Rs 400. On top of that, the offers are from the websites I did my purchase last month. That is a lot of money to save. At times they offer you Cashback in percentage on your purchase.
The process is simple and easy to understand. Logon to their website and join Cashkaro for free. You pay nothing to be a member of their website. Once you create an account and login there, you can find your usual site of online shopping from the top 150 websites they work with. After that there is nothing different you have to do. Go to your chosen website via cashkaro and shop as you would normally do. You can see coupons and cashback offers for each of our partner websites. Click on the button and get your cashback which will be paid directly to your account but it will be pending until the return period of your purchase is over.  It will be confirmed after the return period of the products you have purchased has been expired. When you have Rs. 250 in confirmed cashback you can request payment via Bank Transfer (NEFT) which will be paid to you without any charges. See, easy isn't it.
What I like about the website is that I will not be compromising on anything while shopping online, but will do my shopping from the familiar sites I have been shopping earlier from. Since I shop at these websites anyway, this is truly free money, just for visiting the retailers through  I save money just by entering the site through a link. WOW! That is something which is very tempting. Apart from this, they have discount coupons as well. Sigh! I have to wait for some more days before I can try this out though. What with being too busy with work and studies, I will not have time to go on another shopping spree in near future, not unless a gift voucher from some contest will tempt me.
When I told my kids that we can save on our next online shopping, Farheena wanted to know whether she can buy more clothes and eat out more often. Clothes I said yes to her, about the food I had to check out from the website.  Good news for her on both fronts. At present they are actively tying up with the best restaurants in our city and our launching this platform soon. With their exclusive restaurant offers we can easily save a lot of money when we eat out next time, which will tempt me to take the kids out often as well. So, I am not sure whether I will be saving or spending more through the cashback J


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