Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Advantage .1

If you are wondering what the advantage of .1 is, it is the great leap of advantage you have over windows 8 when you lay your hands over windows 8.1.
When you are nearing your 50’s you love to hang on to the gadgets or Operating system you are familiar with rather than moving along with the tide of technology. Though my son has been prodding me to upgrade to windows 8, I have been putting it off for quite some time since I am comfortable with my operating system windows 7. I have to deal with apple operating system on my iPad2 and android on my HTC phone and Samsung Galaxy tab; now, who would want a new operating system on the laptop again? It is not easy to function smoothly with different operating systems on your devices when you are busy multi-tasking already with your studies, home-management and work. I have been with windows 7 for nearly 5 years and I have grown used to its appearance and operations. But then change in our lives is inevitable.
In this state of procrastination, I got a chance to check out windows 8.1 when I got my new gadget, a sleek, light weighted, Dell's 8-inch mini tablet – Dell Venue Pro- which had packed the latest operating system in its tiny body. To my surprise I found I have choice to opt for the new look or jump back to something I am familiar with.It is incredibly easy to navigate between the modern screen and the old type of desktop apps system with Windows 8.1. When I have a choice, the transition is easy. J The experience is like slowly exploring unknown waters with one foot firmly set on ground so that you can climb back to familiar ground if you feel at risk. Anyway the change was not far. I realized that I will have to let go of my Windows 7 when Microsoft declared an end to support for Windows XP in April 2014, and it also set a date of January 2015 for the withdrawal of mainstream Windows 7 support.

The transition has been so smooth that I feel so comfortable and familiar with Windows 8.1 that I tend to forget I am using a new operating system. I have been hooked to my Dell Venue 8 Pro since the day it landed at my doorstep. Some of the features that made Windows 8.1 amazing are
·         The option of start button which functions exactly like Windows 7
·         This operating system works fine on mobiles, tablets and PC’s as well. No more skimming between different operating systems for different gadgets anymore.

·         The new search option is more resourceful. It includes the search from Bing, Sky Drive and also my own hard disk. The search results are in organized bullet form.
·         The security has improved a lot. I can breathe freely while surfing through new sites on Windows 8.1
·         I have a feeling that it boots up quite faster than any other operating system I have used.
·         I can personalize my windows to suite my taste and needs.
·         I couldn’t believe that Windows 8.1 takes lesser space than my previous OS.
·         The multi-tasking of the OS is like nothing I have experienced before.
·         The new Start Screen does not has any objection to sharing the screen with Desktop. What a relief.
·         I love the facebook app as well.
I have used Windows 8.1 on Dell Venue 8 Pro,  Alienware,  and Mobile windows on ohone as well. I can say it is way ahead of other OS and it is here to stay in my life until the time something better comes to replace it. No more jumping between different Operating Systems for different gadgets. Windows works on all.


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