Sunday, November 22, 2009

Veil with holes..........

Veil With Holes

This veil, this robe, as dark as coal

Alas! It badly fails to achieve the intended goal

This skin covering is just playing foul

For I need a veil to cover my soul

I fear not m y flesh and skin of doing sin

As I fear the passions that rage within

Within my heart, within my soul

On whom I fail to put a veil or gain any control.

Anyway, even I draw a veil over my face

To hide those feelings which would cause me disgrace

My awakened conscience asks me, “Is this right?”

But resigns calling me a hypocrite

I can’t help it for there many ifs and buts

And to not be a hypocrite I don’t have enough guts…………

By: Farida Rizwan


  1. I loved this poem Farila. The words are so true and insightful. Of course . . the veil covers only the skin but of course it does not cover the soul, or the raging passion within. How very clever . . I never really thought about it before in quite this way. Love your blog because I learn something about you and then about me every time I visit.

    Happy Sunday to You Farila:-)

  2. I love this poem, Farila! I have always wondered why this is worn. It hides your skin, but it doesn't hide what lies beneath.
    Very thought provoking!

  3. Wonderfull poem Farida. And I better read your blog so I don´t miss the big awards ha ha :)
    And if I had 8 fingers on one hand, I would also hide my face haha just kidding :)

  4. Thank you everyone... now just hope and pray I will not be in trouble for this blog.

  5. Farila, just wanted to let you know that I won't be around for what I hope will be a short while but I will catch up with you when I can.

    Take care till then . . and hope you don't get into too much trouble!!!

  6. Someone told me through email that I was making fun of a particular group of people by posting the funny pic. I actually picked the image from internet and I did not paint it.
    So I think this suits better...

    Will miss you Gloria...

  7. Hmmm... I think I like the first pic more than this one. The lady with the 8 fingers was a nice piece of art, and who ever created this art, I dont think had in mind to make fun of a particular group of people.

  8. I know Mr.Poo. Some people just stink and I don't want undue trouble on my blog. Just getting hang of blogspot and enjoying it. Anyway the pic of woman with 8 fingers suited my poem much more than this beautiful image. I may change it again sometime ...;)

  9. nice message farila..n u dnt have to fear sending out a powerful message, do you? ;-)

    keep up the good writing pls :)

    My blog:

  10. love the poem..not everyone is a fighter :-)


  11. A very touchy subject and very well thought poem.Hope the nicely worded message goes across the right minds.

  12. Gutsy poem :) very courageous of you to write about this subject.

    Don't ever stop writing....

  13. nicely worded, and conveys a deep message so well.

  14. What profound thought and really bold expression! Its always a learning experience, when I read your posts ...Thanks truly are a wonderful, intelligent & thoughtful lady!

  15. Wonderful thoughts expressed...and courageous too...the extent of belief in tradition is a personal choice and should be allowed to be just that.

  16. wow. a courageous post full of emotions that go through a woman's mind when such meaningless traditions exist.

    keep writing


  17. Quite a old post to comment on... but the poem moved me so much. Couldn't help but feel for all those who are forced to put on the veil. Truly, the soul needs a veil, but the skin...


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