Monday, January 11, 2010

Breast cancer awareness..I AM PROUD OF YOU KATHI...

It is an honor knowing you... Amazing Amazonian warrior…
Yeah.. this is my friend Kathi Kolb who is survivor ( I would call her BC warrior.. survivor is not a right word for Kathi) of BC. She touches me in way that I yearn for a cure soon. At times I feel comfortable with BC but her posts always reminds me how much we are in need of cure…
She was on radio and I bet someone to listen to her without shedding tears.. This is what real breast cancer awareness is all about…
Her attitude shouts ……‘CANCER .. YOU CHOSE THE WRONG BITCH’


  1. One's attitude is probably the most important influence in any illness.


  2. Farida, I'm so touched that you posted this. Thank you, my friend. It's an honor to know you, too, and I hope we get to meet in person sometime. You are one of the women who has made this journey much more palatable.

    As for survivorship, well, it takes one to know one, dear Farida! You've been through an awful lot in your own life & yet here you are, with a generous heart, and like me, privileged to be able to do work that allows you to help others. We've both been kicked around by life and yet we've both been blessed, too.

    Love you. MWAH!!

  3. You are a great friend to Kathi. I am sure she is glad to have your support.


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