Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have survived breast cancer for 14 years and still going...

I think I don't even think of it anymore as today I did totally forgot that it is my cancerversary. 28th April 1996 I was operated on and I think I should count it as my start of survival against the cancer.
Hope with good wishes and support from friends like you I live on to blog more and also as a gift win the Pepsi contest.. What better way can be there to celebrate.
I know I need to write more about my survival but today I will just give you some stats. The thoughts will flow sometime when they have to.

At the time I was diagnosed, I already had too much on my plate. My sister was in the last stage of her fight with the same demon and I was fighting to find a solution for my daughters rare kind of challenge she faced. Doctors were saying she would not be able to see, talk or walk. Her brain had atrophied. I was 29 and my children were 11 months and 4 years respectively. I was worried about the emotional trauma my son was going through.

Today I am happy to see that my kids are almost adults and I have simple things like exams, contests, weight, white hairs, etc to worry about. I could even forget that I had fought the battle so hard few years ago.

My advice to people having rough period is don't quit.

And after that back to my usual crazy rant which has been going on for past few days LOL
I heartily thank everyone one of my friend who has generously commented on my Youngistaan Ka Wow ! contest blog post. The contest ends on 30th. Whew!! you all can sigh in relief as I will not pester you for comments after that...
Send little prayers that I will do good in my exams. I have been wanting to graduate since last ten years but with growing kids it never worked out. So finally after a long long wait I am doing it this year. I am excited and nervous too.


  1. I wish you all the happiness and good health...And may you win the Pepsi Youngistan contest too..:)

  2. You went through a lot at such an young age!! Glad its all behind! Wishing you the very best of health and cheer!
    All the best for the contest too! :)

  3. Blessings to you! You are a strong and beautiful woman!

  4. "My advice to people having rough period is don't quit."

    Dear Farida

    That was so true. Quitters dont win.....only fighters LIKE YOU do win.

    i am happy that now ur troubles with cancer is over! i thank GOD for that.

    Send little prayers that I will do good in my exams.

    I just sent mine. i hope success will kiss ur feet....

    By the way.....u look good in that picture of urs.....was it recent??


  5. thanks for sharing
    great courage
    and inspirational for others.

  6. 14 years and still going strong - and best wishes for many many more.

    I so wish they would hurry up and find the cure. Too many are still dying too young.

  7. I cant say much mam!!
    I can just Salute u and ur spirit once again..:)
    Winners never quit..
    What better example than u mam!
    Glad I found you..



  8. Farida, I am soooo glad you are still here on this planet. Bless you & lets hope we both survive for many, many more years.

  9. you are so beautiful Farida! congratulations

  10. I just lost an aunt to breast cancer a few weeks back... and I know the suffering she went through... I have read ur earlier post too on breast cancer and I it gives me immense pleasure that u have been able to fight it for so long now... keep growing stronger and yes, dont ever quit...


  11. Hats off to your determination and grit...
    Good wishes for your health and exams.

    You give all of us a ray of hope and boost our morale with your post :)

    Thank you.

  12. Yes... you make us proud...and has set us an example... way to go!!

  13. the story of a survivor is always a pleasure to read... i am another one who fought depression in my early twenties,so much so that everyone had given up hope...

    there are many who couldn't hold on and went away due to this perishable evil... i am happy you survived to write and see another day and thank God for his abundant mercies...

    God bless you...

  14. You are awesome, Farila! Wishing you all the GOOD HEALTH!
    That was such an encouraging post! Filled with hope! Thank you!
    Much love and hugs,
    Betty xx

  15. You're an awesome person Farida. Having gone through so much, you are here sharing it with us. I wish you the very best in your life.
    Hope you win the contest...:)


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  17. Wishing you good health for ever.. I admire ur courage and ur attitude towards life.. Very impressive..

  18. its great to hear from fighters in real life.. yea it such a emotional trauma, that people go through, when they get diagnosed of cancer.. Ure an inspiration for many.. keep going never give up :)

  19. You know you are really very brave.... i am not saying this just like that...i have seen my dad in such a stage ....

    In 1994 he undergo a bypass surgery.... and that made him take 20 pills every morning till rest of his life... he then suffered another heart attack.... then in 2000 he met with an accident which destroyed his left knee's ligament but still he never stopped.... he was a doctor and kept on going for surgeries even late at night..... he always worked hard for us and kept all his health related issue at bay .....

    You know never since his death i have anyone as strong as him .... and then i read you stories.... may be i found someone whom i can respect almost as much as i respect my dad ....


  20. remembering the old tough days......may seem easy they say or i say......present and future looks always more difficult than the past.......
    but you are different...very different ....not judging but a perception i have built here by reading, i mean listening to i don't even expect normal things from you.......You are like.... Phoebe in a way......we, i mean i, always expect something ... not normal or usual from you .......

    wishing the best of the world for the journey ahead...


  21. You are such an inspiration to us all!!! You are a brave and loving woman & have taught me so much about life!!

  22. You are just great and inspiration to one and all. Let the flame in you enlighten many.

  23. I'm so happy you survived all that. It sounds like a horribly rough time. But it's nice to know that sometimes people can get through it. I'm not surprised that everything happened to you at once. I think that's the way the universe works.

    I wish you well on your exam. I think you'll do great!

  24. I am glad to have met you through the web. I am happy you survived. May you have good health and fun experiences in the years to come.
    Hope you win.


  25. Wish you all the happiness and good health. You are a strong woman.

  26. So very glad things are going well for you!! Congrats!!

  27. Farida mam, you are absolutely amazing!I can't think of a more convenient context to make this request of you. Would you please consider making a submission to a baby e magazine ? You will find all details here.

    The magazine celebrates people like you!who have not just survived but triumphed over trauma!we would love to hear from you!:)

  28. Sending you lots of love and luck for your exams x

  29. I'm deeply moved by your blog. Great to hear that you have beaten the monster. All the very best with your exams.

  30. Prayers and best wishes for you Farila!

    This post is so peaceful, even though struggles continue. You've handled your life well. :)

  31. Oh, and how could I forget to tell you how beautiful you are in the picture. :)

  32. I lost a grandmother to cancer, even before I was born, and so I never met her. I admire you Farida, for your strength and courage to battle and win. I wish you the best in your exams. I know you will do well.

  33. No Matter what I write, it may sound repetitive and clichéd, But I still write to you from the bottom of my heart, You are a woman that we need to take a leaf out of your chapters, I have a friend too, Who seems to have put up a tough fight. You truly are a woman of substance. Your writing is very inspiring and encouraging in terms of life and living. I wish you luck for your exams and contests.
    I must tell you, There might be many like me who have just begun to know you but would have already started loving you.

    Love and prayers
    Annapurna Hiremath

  34. Really a tough soul who not only survived the tough times but sailed through it. It is rightly said by someone that it is tough people who survive, tough times never do.

  35. Great! awesome story, thanks for sharing with us... We wishing you a good health! You're a great survivor Keep praying...

  36. i chanced upon ur blog...& it ws such an inspiration. Ths feb i lost my aunt 2 cancer,she ws only 45 & a mother to 3 young daughters.

    I myself m gng thru a rough phase in my life...but reading your blog just made me realsie tht my problems r soo small against wat u hv dealt in ur life.
    u r an inspiration & u r true fighter :)


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