Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy mothers day to all... and a bit of catching up

Hello dear friends,
I have been absconding for sometime from my blog. I have been busy preparing for my English literature exam and today I have finished my paper. Have done it quite well and now to wait for the evaluator to rate it.
The pepsi contest has been won by another blogger but through the contest I realized how blessed I am with wonderful friends who would lend their support to me when needed. So I have been a winner at the same time.

My kids have been amazing and have wholly lent their support to get me educated. I feel so blessed to have them in my life.

A few years ago Rayyan (7 yrs) walked up to me and rendered a verse which I treasure as a best gift. It was said in much simpler words but I wrote it down and kept it in my own words. It was conveyed to me in our mother tongue and on the mothers Day I want to share it with you all…..

And God gave me a Maa.

God has given me legs to walk

A boneless tongue to talk

A short nose to poke about

A big mouth to eat and shout

A cheek to receive lovely kiss

Friends to help me in crisis

Wonderful teachers to teach

A father to discipline me and preach

A heart to warn me when dangers lurk

Two tiny hands to do my work

Above all God gave me a Mommy

Who can do everything for me!

She talks for me when my words fail

She pokes about when I lose trail

She shouts on my behalf when I have sore throat

She plays with me when my friends tire out

She teaches me what my teachers can’t

She preaches me when my father won’t

She is in my heart to make it strong

She is like music and a beautiful song

I love my Maa.

Off course I love that dear boy who is grown up now.. and he loves me as much yet. Not that my little girl love me any less ...

BTW I miss my dear Mommy a lot too.. wishes everyone a Happy Mother's Day! It provides all of us the opportunity to reflect back on the special relationship we have with our kids and/or our mothers (Also, see our Parenting & Kids Forum).

For this Mother's Day, we are doing something special.

We at have been consistently amazed by the incredible talent of our Mommy Bloggers. If you have read even a few of them, you would be awed by how they provide expression to the emotions and sentiments that exist in the unique relationship between a mom and her kids.

We want this tribe to flourish. For this mother's day, we want to pay tribute to our mommy bloggers and provide them exposure to the 1 Lakh members and Facebook/Twitter fans of Even if each of these bloggers pick up a few regular readers as a result of this, we would consider this initiative successful.

The attached E-Bbook has a list of over ( click here for the E-book ) - >50+ Mommy Blogs and over 250+ Blog Posts. Please download, enjoy and share!

Thank you. Team


  1. What an inspirational post,Farila.
    Happy Mother's Day!
    B xx

  2. Congratulations on completing your exam. I love the poem. You are so well loved and your love for your children shines through. Happy Mother's day!

  3. So sweet!! Hope your day was wonderful!!

  4. Its a lovely poem mam..:)
    Happy mothers Day..:)
    God bless u mam.
    I again salute ur spirit..
    Mothers like u are rare and a motivation for others as well..
    u people are doing a gr8 work..
    To all the mommies out there,
    Happy mothers Day..



  5. What a thoughtful child to give you such a poem. God bless you and moms everywhere. I wish you the best on the exam.

  6. Great to hear your exams went well...Came back to your blog after a while and sat reading the posts one after another...just realised I miss hearing from my e-friends and reading them...

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    it will be a great help ma'am...

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