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As a normal young teenager I was terrified of death. It has taken me a lot of time to accept it and know how nice it is to have an end to life. I don’t think living forever is a pleasant thought. Knowing things do not last forever has not stopped man from being greedy and selfish. Who can imagine what would happen if there was no end to life? Now I would love to change few of those sentences but I leave it as it is…
There was a time when I was young and had only seen death affecting others. Today, having been near it, seen it take away my loved ones and also to see it lurking near other loved ones and knowing that it is inevitable has made my fear turn into resignation.

Slimy Death

Who in this mortal world can be so clever?
As to escape death and live forever.
Whoever at a time had a chance of life’s greeting,
Sure with death will have an appointed meeting.

Nothing can escape death, be it however strong.
Everything has an end, though some may live very long.
The sun, moon, stars and all the milky way,
Will have to face death, on a certain day

Merciless death! Who all have turned into corpse?
Once livid things, how sad they now sleep like tops.
A painter who could depict his mind on canvas,
A man with a voice that could sway the mass.

A killer who for money had taken many lives,
And the one who must have widowed his many wives,
A being with a heart of gold or the one with temper wild,
A mother who was yet to feed her newborn child.

A soldier fighting out bravely in midst of a battle,
An innocent child was enjoying his rattle,
The one who had no fun but lived in strife,
Along with the one who cared a lot for unfaithful life.

The person worth a lot for his knowledge was great
Death never cares when it is out of straight
It shows no discrimination to any living man
For each it has fixed a certain life span

Carelessly it plucks from kids their mothers
Death is a must for even those who spent their lives for others
The wailing mother can earn no pity from death
Nor a thousand tears can earn a single breath

Death does not stand admiring a soldier brave
It just goes about on its job of filling the grave
Death is not bought or sold at any store
It may just strike from blue or from earth’s core

It may strike one who has trodden enough on the earth
Or one whose is just enjoying his birth
The poor cannot sell it, the rich cannot buy it
The weak cannot hide from it, the strong cannot tie it

The shadow of death lurks here, there and everywhere
It can be found hiding just about anywhere
When it holds life with its steely grip
Life has no chance, but to start its final trip

When will come the dark angel, my hand to hold?
Just the thought makes my blood run cold
To strike the paper with pen as my hand bends
Death must be leading how many towards their ends?????

BY: Farida Rizwan


  1. Beautifully expressed! True death brings in a lot of understanding in our lives.

  2. I didnt experience the death of a loved one until I was in college. That day shook me
    Until then I took death so other words so poetically
    Then the reality dawned on me! We all are so vulnerable and brittle

  3. nothing can be more painful than losing your near ones.But I believe in; if life is tough ,I am tougher.We have no control over life and death but we can try to change the meaning of life and can make it worth living even in pain.

  4. beautiful...I do not believe death is to be feared. It is simply a part of life, however, the sadness of missing those we leave behind, and the sadness they feel at our leaving our temporary vessels...that, for me is the pain of death, the separation...then again, at least for loved ones left behind, the deceased is never really "gone" just integrated into their cells as memory...of course it is impossible to know what the departed experiences, if memory clings to the soul.

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  6. sd usual ma'm ... its jst awesome!!!

  7. as usual ma'm... its jst awesome!!!

  8. Beautifully xpressed, butn why this thought now, take care

  9. That is a wonderful written poem. Loved reading your blog. Will bookmark your blog to read more from you!

  10. I remember when I went to NY to pick up Farida and the kids. I was late in getting there and she was getting worried. Just as I got there , the elevator opened and the exotic Indian woman came out and we were so happy to see each other after the Ladybird reunion in Florida. I never in a million years thought I wold meet her after having written to her so often on Ladybirds. We feel so close to each other and share our lives, but most of us will never meet. It was a miracle to have her right there in front of me to pass a few days of our lives together. I bonded with her little Farheena who thought everything was PRETTY. Not only did she get over her fear of dogs but she was afraid of fireworks. She held on to me for dear life while wearing earplugs to block out the noise, and suddently she said PRETTY and that was the end of her fear of fireworks. Raayan is the son every parent would want. I love him dearly. He bonded with Rocky Balboa whose statue stands outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was a miracle that we got to share these few days of our lives and I will never forget it.

  11. Wow! beautiful. i have now words to express my emotions here. You have painted an exquisite picture here and have reminded us that nothing is permanent in life. Only a person who has seen death so closely can write this way. You truly are an inspiration.
    Barkha Dhar


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