Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unlimited Yumminess of Barbeque Nation

My wait to visit Barbeque Nation finally came to an end this Sunday, when I finally picked myself up on a lazy Sunday afternoon and barged in there with my two kids. I have been hearing about the Restaurant Barbeque Nation from my son Rayyan since the time he visited there nearly 16 months ago.Rayyan was totally smitten by the elite vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian Restaurant which had drawn from Mediterranean, American, Oriental and Asian origin. He loved the concept of a live grill which is an International Concept, where the restaurant offers an option for the customers to make their food on their personal grills, which are embedded in each table. Another impressive aspect for him was the live vegetarian and non-vegetarian Barbeque starters in unlimited helpings, a main course buffet, soups, salads, desserts and a great variety of mocktails. Coming from the family of teetotalers he wasn't interested in the liquors but for those who are, I can say they have impressive array of drinks there.
Every time we were out eating some place, he would say it would have been great if we had been to Barbeque Nation instead. He was really taken in by the food of that restaurant, and since settling down in JP Nagar very close to the restaurant, I have been planning on visiting it along with my kids.
My chance came when I received a voucher for two from Blogadda, at their Cook, Style and Click workshop at Pink Poppadom. As we walked into the restaurant, we were welcomed by the staff. I told them I had gift voucher for two people, and as we are three I would like to pay for one. They checked out the voucher and a person led us into the restaurant and got us seated comfortably after taking down my phone number and name.
Mr. Ramesh, who was attending us explained the about the starters and the garnish options we had. The grill was placed right in front of us, embedded into the table where the food could be seasoned and done perfect to match out taste.
The journey of unlimited yumminess began as the skewers with the starters loaded with Mushrooms, prawns, chicken, fish, mutton, corn and pineapple made way on top of the burning hot embers.  My favorite of the lot was chicken. 
We were also served Panneer, Kababs, Tangdi Chicken and a dish made of Corn which was very delicious. Though the voucher said we had to pay for the beverages separately, they offered one mocktail for each one of us for free. The service at the restaurant was excellent as they kept guiding and asking us whether we needed something.  The people who attended and served the dishes made it a point to explain about the dishes we were being served.  Rayyan loved the grilled chicken a lot, where as Farheena went for the second helping of Tangdi. The best part of the experience was, we had choice to garnish and grill the dishes to our own liking.
The starters proved to be heavy enough that they could well be called show stoppers and we were quite full by the time the flag went down. When asked how I liked the taste of the food, I honestly answered that I loved all the dishes except the sea food, as I am used to eating fresh prawns and fish, and also to some special taste I have developed in cooking them from past 23 years (all the while my kids gave me the Maa, be polite looks).  I had never expected Chef Suresh Pandey to approach me to check out on our tastes but he did and asked how we would love our seafood. The gentleman then promised he would serve us something very special that we would like and true to his word, he prepared a special prawn and fish which was some exotic taste to it. Hats off to him! All three of us stuffed ourselves with some more starters which were specially prepared for us. It was indulgence of unlimited abundance!
As we were enjoying the lunch, the staff of the Restaurant treated the customers to some music and dance. That was a pleasant surprise!
Now this was to be followed by a range of sumptuous buffet followed by scrumptious Dessert.There was not much we wanted for main course as the starters were good enough to fill us up. Even then we just tried a little bit of tasty chicken biryani, roasted mutton and prawn gravy. We were also served some pulkas.
As for Desserts, there were cakes, pudding, ice-creams, water melon, papaya, etc which were just so and so in taste.
I called the staff to check out on the payment for one person, when they said the one lunch was complimentary from their side for us. I confirmed once again. Wow! That was so nice of them.
I would give the restaurant a five star ranking, because it had everything a foodie would look for to indulge in on a special occasion. The place itself was cozy and comfortable with wonderful attentive polite staff that was efficient in their job. I would love to go back there sometime soon….. 


  1. Sounds like a delightful time, Farida! Loved reading this!

  2. I have been to Barbeque Nation once, thanks to my brother, as you mentioned its a great place to have food especially the Barbeques.I couldn't have the main course as I entirely concentrated on the Barbeques.

    Well written,enjoyable tasty post.

  3. Yummmmmyyyyyyy indeed.. I got to visit this place sometime ..

  4. Yummmmmyyyyyyy indeed.. I got to visit this place sometime ..

  5. I have been to BBQ Nation in various cities and the quality is fairly consistent though there service at time is not very prompt specially when they are busy.

  6. I need to check this out! The photos you put are tempting and yummy!

  7. I love this place.Absolutely love! Your post, picture and experience makes me want go there again!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  8. haha.. we never have main course when we go to BN.. fill up tummy on the awesome starters, then head straight for desserts :) But the head chef cooking a dish for u guys was simply awesome :D

  9. I have been planning to go to BN for a long time...your post makes me just crave more that one visit! Good job!

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