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Shopping experience at Jabong....

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I confess I am an internet addict. I love the world of internet, where I can shop, earn, blog, win contests, watch videos, movies and have fun playing games. Not long ago, internet shopping was the elusive option for me, because none of the online shopping sites offered COD options to Byndoor, the village where I lived. After shifting to Bangalore and getting a debit card with which I can shop online, my world has changed completely and I love it for now. May be the trend will continue until the chair will break under my lazy weight. J
There was time when I enjoyed window shopping in shops because I love to have a look at all products available for me to purchase. Now window shopping has become easier with the window right in my bedroom on top of my desktop. Unfortunately, when surfing websites like Jabong which has nearly 50% discount on some lucrative products; the window shopping drills quite a big hole in my debit card. It is with great difficulty that I have to hold myself back from creating a black hole in my bank account. J
A few months ago I was introduced to the online shopping website Jabong from where I purchased lovely anklets for my daughter Farheena. She wanted silver anklets with some color in them, and which would tinkle when she walked. I had been searching for the right anklets for quite some time but did not find something she liked. When I saw the perfect anklets for her on Jabong, I decided to go ahead and purchase it from the website. The only problem was I could not make out much from the picture and was not sure of the size.
Online shopping websites always have 30-DAY RETURNS policy, but the problem is when I shop through COD offer, the money goes into my wallet on the website and I do not actually get the money back. Some sites, though good with price and discounts, have the policy of not involving the balance in wallet and COD shopping going together, which makes it tough to properly utilize the money in the wallet.
I got in touch with the customer care of Jabong to discuss this problem, and I could not believe that I had an option of opening the box, checking the product before paying the delivery man. WOW! Online shopping was very close to real life shopping now. I ordered the lovely Payal for my daughter through the COD option and eagerly waited for it.
The delivery man arrived with the anklets and when I tried making payment for it, he insisted that I should open the box and check if I am satisfied with the product, if not I could return it to him and make no payments. He actually insisted to make sure the product is right for us before taking the payment. I really loved this option Jabong gave me and since have been shopping there often products I need. It is also easy for me to sit at home and purchase things for my family by just changing the shipping address for them.
The recent messed up experience with Flipkart makes me appreciate this facility more now. I had ordered a  Firefox Alloy Mini Bicycle Pump from Flipkart, but unfortunately when I opened the package, the product shown in the picture on their website and the one sent to me did not match. It was totally a different product as you can see from the pictures below.
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Now I have to wait for the reverse pickup which may take weeks, and another 10 or more days for a refund. If I had chosen COD option that the money I paid will be transferred to my Wallet which I need to utilize when I am buying another product from the website. Not something I appreciate. As for compensation such trouble for customers, Flipkart pays Rs.100/- which I refused to accept. 
But with the check before you collect the delivery by Jabong, In case I am not satisfied with the product even after looking at it once, I can always return the item for getting a quick refund.Typically the refunds are initiated within 2 business days of receiving your items. Receipt of the refund would depend on the mode of payment chosen by you. The expected timelines are as below:
Refund Method
Refund Receipt Time
(After Initiation)
Jabong.Com Vouchers
1-2 business days
Bank Transfer/NEFT
2-4 business days
Debit Card
5-7 business days
Credit Card
7-21 business days
The great fashion megastore has 1,00,000+  for me to ogle at when I don’t have money to buy them.
Like all the people who hesitate to buy products online, I started that way too. It was my visit to USA that changed all of my perspective when I watched in awe when people bought even TVs and Laptops online, finding huge discounts on the product.
After coming back to India my luck had got me some wonderful shopping vouchers from online sites, therefore the hesitating period had to be over. Other than one bad setback, all of my shopping experience has been good, saving me a lot of time which I spent searching for the right brand, color, or size in the shops.
Gone are the times when I hesitated to shop for myself, now I shop even for my family from the comfort of my home. Recently my sister wanted to buy a surprise gift for her son on his birthday, and she found the perfect Football Set for him on Jabong. 
As she had tough time shopping for it from her mobile (she is not a net savvy person) she asked me to shop the item for her. Within 5 minutes, I had placed the COD order for her from my account choosing ship to a different address option. Imagine the Auto rickshaw fare, time spent in searching the product in shops and then having trouble slowly sneaking it in without the kid watching us if I had to do it the offline way.
I love the various designs of Kurtis from which I choose for Farheena. 
As to answer the question WHY I LIKE SHOPPING AT JABONG, here is my list:
Savings: I can save money on good offers they have on products, not to mention the travel, expenses on food and time I save. It came to me as a surprise that online stores have better prices on products than the conventional stores. The savings, and special offers for occasions make it much more lucrative for me. 
Convenience: I can surf through thousands of products online, moreover the search options make it easy to find the specific item I am looking for. 
Check delivery option: It makes me feel good to have a look at the product before I pay on COD.
Choice and Variety: When I purchase a sandal from shop, I may look at 10-15 products before buying one, but when I shop on Jabong, I can surf through 100 of products before making a choice. There are products are many top brands like, Catwalk, Fila, Rocia and many more to choose from 
No rush or crowd: I can shop without the rush, crowd and noise troubling me while I make my choice
 Absence of Promotion: I am not fond of hearing about the glorification of the products by the skillful sales people. I love making my decisions without being pushed to buy a product. 
No Worries about Checking Products: Many may consider this silly, but I do feel bad when I make the salesperson show me all the shoes, dresses or other products, but then walk away without buying them. I regret that they have to pack all of it back and without benefits. I usually hesitate to look at more products because of this reason, which does not hold me back when I shop online. 
Easy Shopping: It is easy to shop not only for me, but gifts for any person in India through online shopping. Not many sites have shopping accessories under Shoes, Clothing, Sports, Bags, Jewellery, Accessories, Beauty, Home & Furniture under one roof. 
Our Sale DealsThose who like offers can always click on the ‘Sale%’ to view the best sale deals Jabong has to offer. Some of the offers are unbelievable where you may find products with 73% off. Under the Premium you can select from well known brands like DKNY, ELLE, ESPRIT, CALVIN KLEIN JEANS, TRESMODE, CLARKS, TAMARIS, VOGUE, MEHRASONS JEWELERS, LAVIE, HIDESIGN, FCUK,and  SATYA PAUL for women and FRENCH CONNECTION,TIMBERLAND,GAS,CLARKS,SATYA PAUL,TOMMY HILFIGER,CITIZEN,NAUTICA,ESPRIT,MARC ECKO, and FOSSIL for men

A pioneer in online shopping in India, is a fashion hub of the latest trends and styles. promises to fulfill all your style based needs through its wide range of products including clothing for men, women, kids, shoes, accessories, bags, jewellery, sports, home and living products, beauty, fragrances and toys.


  1. Strange that when I got my shoes delivered COD the delivery boy insisted I pay before I even see the package! That was the only bummer in the experience though while Jabong shopping!

  2. I am going ot try this next time I have to send someone something in india :)


  3. Good feedback...will keep note when I need to buy anything...well done.

  4. I love the designs of Kurtis! I wish women in the US would adapt the style. Of course, the women from India do.
    Hey, maybe I should just do it on my own! :)

    The jewelry is beautiful. I hope Farheena is enjoying the tinkling sound of her new ankle bracelets.

    I'm happy for you; that this way of shopping has improved your life.

  5. Simply loved the shopping experience! I ordered a pair of shoes on a Sunday after 7pm, and item got delivered next day Monday by 2pm... And honestly, the shoes turned out to be way better than I expected. Jordar Jabong! Jabardast Jabong!

  6. all Kurtis are very beautiful

  7. Congrats on the winning ! Your choice of Kurtis are too good

  8. Yes, It's true that you save time and money while shopping online, and it's a convenient way to get a product you want.

  9. Jabong is really a very good online shopping market. Thanks for sharing the history and information of jabong. It provides us the jabong discounts codes to get discount and profit on our shopping.

  10. Online shopping made our lives easier than before. Discounts & deals are added attractions to customers while shopping online. Any product can be purchased online within few seconds. When I ordered a Lee Jacket, I got it delivered within one day.

  11. Nice collection :) loved your blog :) following you now :)

  12. Loved ur blog...mainly i loved the anklets u picked up.... Farheena must have been so happy :)

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  14. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Keep Posting:)

  15. I'm impressed with the style of dress of Indian women.Actually I prefer online shopping because of the convenience it brings.But there is a problem that I am not satisfied that the quality of the product is not the same from when I watch on PC.I do not know you have not thought about this problem?


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