Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Odd Couple

A handsome young athletic, boy works as a helping hand in the farm of a person who has a beautiful niece. He was sent there because he was unmanageable in his home, and his parents could not tolerate his tantrums anymore. He came from a family of hakim, who gave medicines mostly for free and therefore never had enough to feed his family of 8 children. The girl was 2nd among the 4 sisters, who did not have any brother in their home. To replace the missing son, her mom would seek help from the boy for manly chores. In the filmy style they both fall in love with each other. No other love story has ever inspired me more than theirs. In my childhood, I would hear some family members narrate incidences of their love story. As the love was filmy, there had to be the usual filmy style of people opposing to their love. The girl stood strong for her love, even when the boy was intimidated by her huge family of rich people.  
They were the epitome of the adage ‘Opposites attract’. They both had different attitude towards their lifestyle, as against the rich extravagant ways of the girl, the boy was one who saved bus fare by walking miles. Even physically they were poles apart, the boy was athletic, tall muscular man who had a lean appearance, where as the girl was short and rounded up with long flowing tresses. They went through tons of ups and downs in their love story, but nothing could ever tear them apart. Their everlasting odd love which lasted the onslaught of many social divisions inspires me to write to and share their story with the world. But nothing lasts forever. How did they finally part ways?
This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal andHarperCollins India.


  1. Hi! This is interesting. I believe there's a part 02 to this too. I am damn keen to follow. I must watch out for this space.

    Anyways am first time here and I like what I see. Keep writing :)

  2. but is they attracted by did they have to part...
    I guess that will be in next post


  3. Interesting .... all the best :-)

  4. This is definitely a story of "modern" India. Previously a rich girl did fall in love with a poor man (or vice versa) but they weren't able to defy pressures from society that easily. Today they can and they do. I have already "liked" your story.

  5. This could inspire some Bollywood directors :)

  6. Ekdum bollywood style!

    Please read mine and vote if you think it should make its way into the anthology


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