Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wonderful Workshop for Parents @ FAME India

FAME India had organized a wonderful workshop for the parents of their students at the school premises on 16th February 2013. This is my first experience with such a program at the school, as Farheena was admitted into the school only in 2012. I came to know that FAME India has constantly tried to bring in external resource persons to provide information about varied aspects of special education and varied needs of children with special needs through such events.
The workshop lasted from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
The first session as conducted by Dr. Indiramma, Retd Ass. Prof. NIMHANS on Behavior problems and its Management.
It was followed by ‘Motor Skill Training programme by Dr. Ushma Goradia, Director, Active Kaarya.
Mr.Mohan, Assistant Disabled Welfare Officer gave information about Government schemes for persons with disabilities.
Finally Mr. Sunil Khimsura gave details about financial planning for Special Needs Children.
I am amazed that the school served 2 tea/coffee and Lunch free for the parents. Those parents who did not have arrangements to leave behind their wards at home were allowed to tag them along. The students were taken care of by the school staff while the parents attended the workshop. Cannot thank the school enough for the wonderful learning experience.
My perspective and observation is to be followed. 


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