Sunday, September 8, 2013

The WWVortex

I slept in my bed peacefully, keeping all my regrets, frustrations and anger aside. It was going to be a long sleepy night because I was at peace,finally. Tomorrow is going to be different, the day when finally the sun will shine on my face.
Two years ago
Since the time Shana had left me for a Cyborg, life had been filled with boring days, sleepless nights and anger seething through my heart constantly. Anger against whom? Was it towards Shana, myself or the world where technology had taken over the warmth of love and relationships? One of the famed child prodigy that I was, I had helped to create this technology 2 decades ago. It was mocking at me today. I can afford any kind of Cyborg I want, as they are easily available for online purchase, but I don’t want to buy a spouse. I wanted to fall in love like I did at first sight with Shana, even if it meant being hurt and torn apart once again. Unlike in olden days where people bumped into each other, we had met each other on the dating site. We virtually fell in love instantly online and decided to live together from the next day itself. All it required was filling up few details in the mating database.
How much the world had changed in the past two decades? Did I imagine I would have items delivered to me through connection pipes that connected homes to online shopping? No never. I thought it is always going to be the person at the door who is going to bring me the product I ordered online. Internet had taken over our lives slowly. Just 50 years ago, the Internet as we know today was in the process of being birthed by the National Science Foundation. Once people went online there was no stopping them. E-mails, eBay, and social media connects became part of human life and in no time. Without anyone realizing it, internet took over our lives. With the burning out of natural resources, people were trying to travel to work as less as possible. Virtual offices were being set up in place of real ones. Earn online and spend online and be safe was the new internet mantra.
When did the real change happen? I did not even realize when I fell into the vortex and fully lost touch with reality. Last year we celebrated our yearly holidays on the hills of Himalayas even without traveling out of our city. All we did was get in touch with the travel agency which put us in the cubicles to enjoy our holidays. It was so real, the cool breeze, the snow and even the touch of Shana made me forget that I was lying still in a box like a doll.
When people started becoming pale and weak due to lack of sunlight, no one woke up and went out to get some sun but instead got sunlight from the cubicles installed in their homes, which were ordered online. 

No more did anyone even think of trying to step out of their homes. Which began as simple “Be Lazy – Shop Easy” marketing strategies by online stores, had eventually turned into the prison for human kind.
Until Shana broke my heart and connected me to the human feelings once again, I was completely lost in the sucking vortex of the virtual world. I enjoy all the benefits that come to technical minds in our times. We were the rich and rulers. From the comfort seat of my home, I could get anything I wanted because I was important part of maintaining the web that was suffocating life out of the world. Today, I question my contribution to the downfall of the human race.
I pull the curtains from my windows to have a look outside. The once crowded streets, full of pollution and dust lay clean and empty. No more pollution, no more dust and no more people on the roads. I saw the robotic birds flying around the bird house of my neighbors. When the real birds quit the cities, people wanted the artificial ones to decorate their gardens, into which they rarely stepped. 

This would have sounded so shocking to me a few decades ago, but today this is way of life. Leave alone pets, people tend to order parents, children and friends online. The relationships were bland, as there were rarely any differences among people.
If they had differences, like I did with Shana, they quit and ordered a perfect Cyborg to fit in their place. The fight between spouses which was long forgotten had taken place between me and Shana. I wanted us to have a child of our own, born out of our relationship, whereas Shana like many others wanted to order our baby online where she got to predict its sex, color, features and other qualities. The wonder of parenting came with the surprise part. What is great about having a child made to suit your choice? I recall how much my mom loved me, though I was nerd and computer freak. The beauty of her town, my mom wanted a girl who she could adore like her little princess, but she accepted me, her nerdy son and loved me all through my life with all her heart. I know for sure that she would not trade me for the most beautiful girl in the world. That was the beauty of human beings. Though there were no more wars, this world so calm and serene that it did not belong to us anymore. The more we progressed, the more we felt free, the more bound we became.
I am not going to sit and brood over what has been lost. I am going to fight the vortex of internet to get back our life and our world. Though full of chaos, I wanted our world to be back as it was because that is what is true. Children were supposed to be born to surprise their parents, we need parents who would think different from us, we need friends who would be moody, and we need the dangers of the roads and the dilemmas or real world. This was possible only if could shut down the connections and succeed in bringing people out of their homes. 
The E-Gov, the one single power that ruled the world with the help of internet will have to come down. We human beings should to be ruled by the kind of our own and not robots that were so perfect that they made politics boring. People have to elect their leaders, make mistakes and suffer because that is what true life is. What a great relief it was when the corrupt politicians were overthrown by the Cyborgs who were later replaced by perfect political robots.  But today, I yearn for those politicians who made wrong decisions, because we human beings are not meant to be perfect. We are us because of those flaws we have. Today we need to fight and win back humanity from the perfectness of organized world. I am going to do it.

After working for two years, finally I have found the answers. Today I release the mother of all viruses into the system which will shut down every single Cyborg, robot, computer and internet connection in the world. The web is going to break into threads for the first time since its birth. The genius I am, I have made a foolproof plan which no E-Gov could stop.

I sleep knowing that tomorrow I wake up chaos as to how to manage my life without being online. I am so excited to finally have a challenge of living day to day ahead of me. I sleep peacefully. 

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  1. I loved it.. much truth in your words..

    1. Thanks.. what to say how much truth is there in my words. I am myself a great internet addict :)

  2. you should seriosly consider a career in fiction writing. though simple you have a gripping story, moreover i like your viewpoint about humans

  3. Good read.. all the best for the contest

  4. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!
    It is the little changes that produce the most significant changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  6. meeting the perfect parent online,, like that concept and all the best for the contest

  7. now i am scared of my own internet addiction.. someday this may happen. doesn't look like fiction to me at all

  8. True words here Farida mam. Most of it, I can relate to myself and how we feel about ourselves in this webbed world. But again, the positives like eshoping,chat etc is what keep me sane and better here far away home.So, throwing away the negatives, I always welcome Internet with open hands.

    1. There is a lot of positive in internet and webworld.. only we need to draw line. Or else we may lose control like we have done weapons, environmental pollution etc

  9. Great story to read... I love the argument put forward by the antagonist in the story. Indeed it is the imperfections that make us human

  10. interesting point of view... You'll 'fight the vortex of internet to get back our life and our world. Though full of chaos, I wanted our world to be back as it was because that is what is true.'

    Arvind Passey

  11. meeting perfect parent online ? My god . I dont want to live to see that day :)
    this is a fun as well as informative post highlighting the fact that we all fallng in the vortex

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