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Improve Your Parenting Skills V

Nothing is more rewarding than a smile on your child’s face, even when it is smeared with chocolate. The amazing part of childhood is that happiness is not elusive as it is in adulthood. Moreover, it is always the small things we do that mean the most to children, which they will cherish lovingly in their heart. You get what you ask for; hence to have a happy child you should want your child to be happy. Begin by rating their happiness above their success. Let the child have fun, because childhood is short and it is more about happiness than anything else. Here is the list of top 10 things that spreads smile on your child’s face.

10. Play for fun
Playtime is fun time. Do not start giving instructions to your child as how they should play a game. Children do not need expensive toys to have fun; even cardboard boxes can entertain them to no end. If the castle your child made with the building block is not straight, do not reprimand her. No one is living there. Do not be fussy with the little scratches or bruises they get. It is all part of growing up. Make sure that the toys children play with are clean and let them enjoy as they want to.

9. Give them a choice
As a parent you have your limitations. Giving a choice does not necessarily mean you give your child whatever they want. Give them a choice with what is available for them. When they ask for a bed time story, don’t tell them any story you want to, instead ask them what they want to hear. Is it about the jungle, princess, or funny story? Give them a choice to pick up the clothes they want to wear. Above all, give them the space if they want to be alone.

8.  Nurture
When their everyday needs are met, children feel safe, loved and happy. Children who are neglected and uncared for are the unhappiest of all. You don’t have to compare yourselves to ‘richer than you’ parents. Just because you do not provide your child with expensive things doesn’t mean you are not doing your best. Wealth is not equal to happiness, especially for children.

7. Discipline your child
This could be shocking to many parents, but scientific research has proven that being disciplined by the parents make the child happy. It sends a message to the children that you care for them and want them to be safe. Children take pride in following certain rules.

6. Surprise
A little message in the school bag, a delightful meal in lunchbox or a sudden trip to the place your child always wanted to go can make a child feel very cheerful. Children love surprises so much that they look forward to it throughout their childhood subconsciously. Make their dream come true with a bang!

5. Prepare them for the world
Too much of attention on keeping the child happy may prove exactly opposite in the long run. As a parent if you grant every whimsical wish of your child and give in to each of their demands, then they start living in a happy bubble which is not real. The true encounter with real world where they are just one among many other children may end their happiness forever.

4. Be a part of their childhood
Let your hair down and enjoy the growing years of your child by being one with him. Go biking, walking or on camping trips together. Involve them in your cooking, cleaning and decorating the home activities. When parents are a part of their children growing up years, they not only feel happy, but they will appreciate it greatly even in their adulthood.

3. Listen to your child
This is not just important for their happiness, but also for the safety of your child. Don’t hear them but listen attentively and understand your child. If the child is between important conversations, do not cut her off in the middle so that you can catch up with the soap opera on time. Children at times need time to come out with the real issue; as a result they often beat around the bush a lot. If you are patient, then the child will finally tell you what has been bothering her. Resolve their issues and bring back happiness in their lives.

2. Give them life skills
Life is as much about failures as it is about success. Teach your child to cope with disappointments, but before that you have to learn to deal with your child’s failures yourself. Help them rebuild their self-image and give positive strokes to encourage them. Let your child know that your love is unconditional, and you will be there with him through thick and thin. Give them life skills to deal with the ups and downs that they have to face.

1. Be happy

Happy parents make happy children. Children have keen sense of body language; therefore they pick up on your emotions and will react to them accordingly. Resolve any issues that lead to arguments and fights in the family calmly. Do not expose your child to the problems you may have with your spouse. Both parents mean a lot to the child; hence friction between them will lead to stress and unhappiness. 

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  1. Your point no 5 : Prepare them for the world. So apt. and I believe it but am told by many other parents (and my hubby) that life is not a battle that a life will face. I feel confused.

    1. Every parent develops their own style of bringing up their children. As long as the both the parents and the child is happy, then they must be doing the right thing. My family protected Rayyan quite a lot until I realized that he will not be able to deal with the world independently later on. He needed to come out of the cocoon and spread his wings to explore the world on his own. Every parent is bombarded with so much information, that no wonder we all feel confused in today's world ;)

  2. Appreciate your thoughts and inputs on this Farida mam. I am trying to teach kids what I have been taught as a kid with more skills that I learn at each phase of my parenting stage. Some work and some don't . And with more exposure for kids these days, parents too need to attend their needs with much more complexity.

  3. This is such a beautiful piece. I especially loved the being happy, giving life skills, giving a choice and preparing them for the world. Kids these days are way too different and mature than our generation. Any amount of tips feels less to nurture them and show them the right path.

  4. Excellent! the points that you have discussed are very motivating. All parents must follow them.

  5. beautiful and warm post... loved the photographs too :)

  6. Wow, amazing post. All the best for contest. Check out mine maybe?


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