Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Laptop in my purse….

You must be wondering what a big purse Farida carries around that can actually hold her laptop in it. Wait people, don’t jump to conclusions. I am talking about the Dell Venue pro (with windows 8.1)which I received from Ripple Links and Dell for review

The wonder tab works exactly like a laptop, but is small and light enough to be carried in my purse.  In fact, it is much lighter than the coins I carry in my purse ;).
The The dell venue pro came to be me at the time when it could be actually very helpful rather than me just viewing it for review.
I had shifted to a new home and the Hathway Internet providers messed up with my connection in a much worse manner than Messi messed up his free-kick in the final moments of the match against Germany. The connection which they promised would come on 19th did not arrive until the 11th of next month. Not many people take my job seriously, but I do work online and I have serious commitments to meet. I had a lot of work pending since I was busy running around looking for a good vocational center and a home nearby to the center for Farheena. To get the perfect adjustment was not an easy task, but like always the lucky girl got everything served right in her platter. I had decided that I will attend to the pending work when I shift to the new home, and that is what I promised everyone. There was lot of unprofessionalism shown by the person responsible for providing me the connection. Instead of coming out in clear and telling me that the connection would take time to come through, he kept promising me that the work will be done “Tommorrow”. I had no reason to mistrust this person; hence I promised the people looking forward for my work that it will be done tomorrow. But, the tomorrow never came…
After postponing my work for a few days, I started to feel quite embarrassed, especially with the feedback I had to provide to students who had submitted their assignment with enthusiasm on time. I also had to review the Dell Venue Pro tab with which I could not do much without my internet connection. I could not work on my computer since it cannot be connected to the mobile hotspot, and even if I did with my home technician Rayyan’s help, it would take ages the load. The other devices like my laptop or iPad also had many automatic updates which would start once connected to the internet. This is when the tab itself came to my rescue. The new blank tab with windows 8.1 loaded easily through mobile internet connections. In addition, I could open all the files from my computer on this tab with ease. It was as though my computer had shrunk and landed in my palm.

With the help of the tab, I could catch up with lot of my work and prevent further embarrassment. Finally, like the goal by Oscar the Broadband connection came through after intervention from the area manager. Unfortunately, the very Dell Venue Pro which helped me complete my work when I was without my Broadband connection is preventing me from working once I am back with my BB. With the BB connection, I could download amazing games and apps on the tab which are irresistible.  That is life folks!


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Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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