Friday, July 11, 2014


Change! Isn’t that what is life all about? Yeah it is. The past few months have seen a lot of changes taking place in my life or specifically, in the life of my children. They have moved on from preparation stage to starting their careers. Farheena has successfully completed her course in FAME India and moved on to their vocational center. Rayyan has completed his animation course and moved on to starting his career as an animator.
Keeping in the mind these changes I had decided to shift from a crowded area of JP Nagar to a better and cooler place. Like always, things fell perfectly in place as though some divine hand was guiding me, thus making parenting very easy. We found a perfect and cool home for us very near to the vocational center Farheena is going to, though I should say commuting will be a bit tough for Rayyan and me, which we can manage. I also stumbled upon a auto by which a special needs person was traveling to the vocational center. Farheena is happy and comfortable traveling by this means. Her companion seems to be a very caring person.
Rayyan is busy working on few projects he is planning for his career. I wish him all the best because he deserves the best.
We all love our new home and the trees that surround us. May be we will find some dogs and cats around to be our friends.
Love Thy Neighbor – that will easy as they are nice and lovable people.  I already feel I have made friends for life with some of them. We have good, understanding and helpful neighbors who are treating Farheena with respect and not staring at her.

Finally, I have my internet and I am back online and back to blogging. Life is good! Have so much to share on my blog which will I begin from tomorrow. That’s all for now folks. 


  1. Getting good, understanding (or even sensible) neighbors is a rare thing. You should keep this house just for that reason!

    Destination Infinity

  2. Thoughtful sharing

  3. Thankfully i got good neighbours now :) i had a nightmare when i was in my old house ..


  4. Good that you have settled in well, Farida! Though humse door chale gaye - geographically at least.


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