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Making A Bold Statement - Tata Bolt

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As I drove to Manyata Tech Park for a unique blogging event organized jointly by Blogadda and Tata Motors, I wondered whether I should buy a car at all. The traffic was quite heavy and I was driving from the southern end of Bangalore to the Northern end  which made me wonder whether I should add one more car to the chaos on road. But, one look at the sleek red and black beauty, I changed my mind. I knew I wanted to buy not just a car, but I wanted to buy this very charming beauty and beast - combined in one car.

The Bolt Arena itself was an amazing experience. It is a first-of-its-kind interactive hub where excited and curious customers were enjoying various fun activities as they got to know the car they dreamed to own. The sleek red and black beauty, enjoyed all the attention being showered on it, knowing how deserving it was. The iconic space had friendly people who made great sales pitch for the car. From availability of finance schemes to specifications regarding mileage, speed, space available; they were more than eager to share information with us.

In addition, bolt Arena lured customers to register so that they could collect  their Bar-Code Band at the Arena. They could also play games on the Xbox, have their picture taken with the famous racer Narain Karthikeyan, engage with Bolt teams in exciting contests and stand a chance to win a Bolt or get featured in the next Bolt video or just ogle at the car.

One of the fun activities

For me, the visit was not just for a blogging event, but also a chance to see a car I plan to own in near future. Finally having my license to drive a two wheeler gave me immense sense of freedom, but unfortunately it has stolen a lot of social life from my daughter Farheena, who cannot travel by the scooter. The events, parties and shopping which she would accompany me earlier, have been cut down drastically. This is the reason I wish to finally invest in a car for our family. Rayyan is already getting his driving lessons and will have his license in a month or so.

Now to have a look at some attractive features of Bolt that caught my attention

Spacious and Comfortable

Bolt - the stylish, sporty and compact hatchback - made me doubt whether I could fit in Farheena’s walker in it. There was no point buying a car that would not allow us to carry her walker, which is required when we have to walk some distance. It was then that Kalyani, a bubbly youngster stepped in, explaining how I could create space by folding the back seat for the walker or other aids for Farheena to fit in. Though the car steals the show with its Horizonext strategy, for me, this feature made a world of difference.

As I sneaked inside the Bolt, I could observe that it had enough of shoulder and head room both in the front and in the rear. 

There was enough legroom even when the front seat was pushed back. The body hugging rugby seats are large enough for me, which is much to say, with good back support as well. In addition there was ample space which gave an ambiance of abundance to the cabin body. I am sure that the ride in this car would be comfortable and stress free.

First Time Ever Multidrive

Another attractive feature of Bolt is its 1.2 litre turbocharged MPFi petrol engine. The powerful Revotron 1.2T delivers the best-in-class power of 90 PS and torque of 140 Nm between 1500-4000 RPM.  Bolt also has multidrive (first time ever in India) feature that will help us switch between three different driving modes: Sport, Eco and City, giving the power of 3 engines in 1. Based on your mood or requirement, now you have the burst of power, maximum fuel efficiency and a perfect balance of both, at your fingertips, literally. All you need to do is click the switch to get the best mileage or power.

Multi Drive Mode

When we traveled from Bangalore to Coastal Karnataka a few months ago, the heat almost killed me, especially when we were traveling during the daytime. The AC in the car, failed drastically to give us any comfort. So, the touch controlled FATC AC in Bolt is a great attraction to me. I was informed that Bolt can regulate the temperature inside the car automatically. The AC vents are designed in such a way that the cooling effect is even in every part of the cabin. A must for the hot Indian summers, where the inside of car would make you forget all about the burning heat outside. 

Drive Safe

Drive Safe is a joke on Indian roads, yet there is no reason why we should compromise on our safety. Bolt comes with a generation next safety - 9th gen abs by Bosch with the advanced ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic brake-force distribution) and CSC (Corner stability Control) that ensures your safety in case of emergency braking by sensing the wheel speed, and prevents wheel lock-up while braking, thus maintaining directional control. CSC further improves safety while negotiating tight corners which are found in abundance on Indian roads.
Other safety features like the dual front airbags, speed sensing auto-locks on all doors and smart rear wiper to help you reverse your car on rainy days ensures you will survive the toughest tests during your travel.

Fusion of Technology and Entertainment

Tata Bolt gives you a high resolution touchscreen which fuses technology with entertainment, to keep your smile intact even when you are caught up in a traffic jam. It is not so tough when you are being entertained by the precious moments, family pictures or videos, movies and many more on your touchscreen.
You don’t have to stop to make that important call anymore. The voice command feature of Bolt allows you to make calls, change music tracks, switch radio channels and control the cabin temperature even without lifting your hands off the steering wheel. You will also have access to sms, text messages and many other notifications without much trouble.
You don’t have to worry about being lost on roads anymore. The smartphone enabled feature of Bolt will help you reach your destination safely.
Finally, if you are not a music lover, you are soon going to be one with the high quality crystal clear sound output from 4 speakers & 4 tweeters in your bolt.

Apart from the above features the child in me was attracted to some of the amazing features like the
·         Projector lamps with a smoked effect
·         Neatly executed grille and headlight combo
·         Floating roof effect at the rear created by blacking of the black pillar

Trust is hard to come by. Tata is a name which has earned the trust of Indians the hard way through decades of dedication to quality. Meeting the needs of Indians, Tata is a name that sells in our country. Be it the common salt, Fastrack  Youth Fashion Brand, Landmark bookstores or scientific research, people have pledged their faith in Tata company.
For years now, Tata Motors has given us value for our money through their passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, construction equipment and military vehicles. They have worked hard to be the world's 17th-largest motor vehicle manufacturing company. Tata Motors made every Indian car lover sit up with excitement when they acquired Jaguar Land Rover from Ford. It has been a subsidiary Tata Motors since 2008.  
So, what did I personally find lacking in the cars coming out of Tata Motors? It was the look. Tata motors always gave us the dependable man, not the prince charming who could take our breath away. 

Now with latest cars Tata Motors is giving consumers safety, durability, and excellent driving experience with sleek looks for their cars. Bolt is the Prince Charming who we can trust. What more can anyone ask for? Get Set Bolt……………………………

“This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.”

Special thanks to Karun and Kalyani from Bolt Arena

The clock is here..............the car will follow. 

Some Precious Memories from Bolt Arena Experience!

 Some more pleasing pics for your eyes only ... 


  1. of the most interesting car review i have come across. it is so practical and relevant

  2. It's a very good blog. Every fact is covered, animation too is added.

    Best of Luck. You can also win now. Cheers

  3. I think it is because you don't own a car that you went so gaga over this model. Most of the features are common in every car in market nowadays

  4. Looks like a cool event and Tata cars are much better today than they were a few years ago...

  5. That is a nice blog post. Did you win the car ;) ?

  6. Tata bolt got a good deal with the blogging competition. Many paid reviewers give comparisons and highlight only those features that are revolutionary, Ordinary bloggers lured by the prize of car have gone out of their way to praise it, I like the pictures on this blog, but I really doubt that Bolt is that good, I want to go for a test drive and check it out myself before saying anything more

    1. Every review need not be practical. So many people get confused with the technical jargon and wish for simple look into practical uses of a product they purchase. Bloggers like me provide that information. Tell me more about the test drive when you are done,


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