Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Payback Time - FlipkartOutdoors Indiblogger Meet

I have often saved and hoarded all those calories by shopping online from the comfort of my home. Flipkart has been one of our favourite websites from where we have shopped various goodies, some of them at throwaway prizes as well. Being Lazy and Shopping Easy is something I love.
Here are some of the shopping we did in the past few months, besides many outfits, shoes and accessories. Farheena can be called an online shopaholic.

Look At The Variety !!!
Flipkart being the good people felt responsible for my laziness and may be my weight gain as well. They must have observed that my size has increased from XL to XXL. Hence they took it upon themselves to burn few of my calories. Who should they join hands with? Indibloggers off course! They very well knew that I would not miss an indiblogger meet which usually comes with an amazing opportunity to catch up with many of my favourite people on our planet. All the plans and calculations gave birth to the amazing FlipkartOutdoors Indiblogger Meet at Mango Mist Resorts. 

I did not want to fall into the trap and give away all those saved kilos on my body, but both my children went crazy with excitement. Rayyan is out and out an outdoor person and would have loved living among wild animals in jungle if not for me and his loving sister who decided to be in a city. He had planned on joining some jungle tribe in his childhood as well.. why would he choose this outfit for fancy dress?
Rayyan Attempt at Jungle Life
Giving in to pressure I decided to attend the FlipkartOutdoors Indibloggers Meet with an aching foot. Before I could make travel arrangements, one of the fellow bloggers, Pariknita joined hands with fellow conspirators and offered to pick us and drop us back from the meet. Any chance of escape due to unavailability of transport was lost.
Sunday morning - it did not take me much effort to wake up the youngsters. Why can’t they wake up quickly on weekdays as well? Anyway, we were ready in no time waiting for Pariknita to pick us up who came on time or just a little late with her new Duster.
We followed google map and reached Mango Mist. The adventure began from the parking lot itself. First challenge was to locate and target the organizers. We kept asking for directions and finally Rayyan found the conspirators hiding among the mango trees. Once we went in, there was no escape. We were banded, fed and divided into groups. The leaders were supposed to force us to entertain ourselves if we did not do it on our own accord.

Every Indiblogger meet, Rayyan accompanies me so that he can be with Farheena when I have a good time with fellow bloggers. For once, we decided to reverse the roles. Rayyan would have fun when I took care of his sister. No one would doubt that this was my counter plan for Flipkart who were trying to steal my precious kilos.  Farheena had limited number of activities to choose from but she loved spending time with Indibloggers as usual. Rayyan made up for both of us anyway!
We went around with our group watching goodies in real from Flipkart for once. This was quite different from window shopping. The Altech waterproof speakers were amazing. I had to visit the stall once again to have a good look at them.  What I loved was the little chat I had with the guy and gal over there. Somehow they found it difficult to believe that I was a diehard Linkin Park fan.

 I decided to shock them to the core by revealing more information about me.. The guy there told me that he loved Linkin Park as well. He always cracked an interview when he listened to “In The End” song by Linkin Park. As I write this post, I realize that connections with fellow beings is more precious than gadgets and goodies.
We looked at Coleman products, Polaroid Cube, Sony Action Camera, Red Chief, Garmin and Samsung GearS2 gadgets.


 Later on we found another lazy person loitering around the chairs. Her name was Roohi and she said she could not take part in many activities as well. Aaahhhh! Here was a partner I was looking for. We decided to lose some weight by feeding the fish so that the conspiracy would not fail completely. So off we went to Fish Spa and gave away our feet to the fish. We were generous and allowed them to eat to their hearts content.
Losing weight with Roohi
After losing a few grams, we decided to watch some bloggers in active outdoors activities so that the organizers would get confused and decide that we were a part of it as well.
People were crazy out there.. they were climbing, rolling, shooting and shouting war cries. It was worse than the JNU scenario though no one were charged or arrested. When I looked up.. I saw something.
Is it a monkey? Is it a bird? Oooohhhh it is my son Rayyan!


Being on his feet or cycle most of the time was paying off for him. The misfit of the family fit in very well in the outdoors of Mango Mist, enjoying all the activities to the fullest. As he easily walked on the quake bridge, I recorded him.
I could hear someone behind me exclaiming how easily he could achieve the feat many struggled with. My pride added whatever the fishes had deleted and I was back to square one.
When I asked him which competitions he plans to win, Rayyan wisely replied “I have no desire to prove that I can do something better than others. I just want to have fun”. He had the Sony Action Camera strapped to his helmet, but I did not see him running behind to get the video to win the prize. He is so different from me, but that doesn’t stop me from being proud of him. He vanished once again among the branches to have fun.
We had our breakfast, lunch and mocktails arranged by the organizers.  Rayyan appeared again to attend to us. Rakhee was another blogger who accompanied us since she was not feeling like climbing up trees. Wise girl.

Farheena cooling off

After the prize distribution, the indibloggers went on the final adventure of Paintball. Rayyan and few others activities planned out for himself like zorbing. I enjoyed my time around the Indoor games arena with Farheena and Rakhee.
Finally it was time for us to get back indoors and the payback time Flipkart organized for lazy shoppers came to an end…  

Now off to check those amazing gadgets online once again. 


  1. Hugs! You made me laugh! I also adore online shopping.. So convenient! It was a great meet. But we must now organise one for you and me as interaction one on one at these gatherings is just impossible. So proud of Rayyan! Hugs to Farheena. You are one of the best people I know!

  2. Thank you for sharing information.Article is so nice and it is helpful for those peoples looking Online shopping Mobile

  3. LOL.. that was very funny article. Really amazing to know that you can buy so many different things online. I have never been confident enough to shop electronic things since many say they sell damaged goods after repair through online stores.


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