Thursday, April 6, 2017

Help Your Child Perform Better In Board Exams

In today’s competitive world, acing board exams is one of the ways children can ensure a financially secure future for themselves. Apart from being a good method of gauging what students have learned in the school, board exams also help students successful study skills, learn to correct their errors, develop the habit of practice and preparation for success, and also learn to handle the stress of competition in a healthy way. Though teachers are there to help the students understand subjects and learn and recall the information to write the exam successfully, parents can contribute a lot to the success of the child in board exams with their support.

Here are 10 tips for parents to help their children do well in board exams.

1.       Stop comparison-
Accept your child for what he/she is, without expecting something beyond their potential. Comparison with others is what exams are all about, but knowing that their parents accept and love them no matter what takes the pressure and stress off the students, leading to better performance.

2.       Right Diet-
The usually hungry teens ignore their dietary needs during board exams. It is left up to the parents to see that the children eat not only on time, but also healthy food that is helpful for them. Avoid coffee and tea, junk food and heavy meals. Give enough fruits and vegetables which will keep them active.

3.       Reduce TV Time –
It is true that you are not writing exams and you love those TV shows, but they can be a big distraction for your child. Reduce TV time for this crucial period and spend that time with your child.
4.       Try To Help –
Even if you not an expert in the subject, there are times when you child may need your help. You can ask questions and check out how much he/she has understood the answer. Help find a book that has been misplaced or any simple thing that will make your child feel supported.

5.       Help Organize Time Table –
Students organize their study time but then compromise on it quite often. When parents become partners in the time schedule, there is high possibility that they will stick to the schedule.

6.       Organize Breaks –
When you see your child studying hard for long period, organize some short breaks which will help him/her relax. This would be great if the whole family participates in short fun games or competitions.

7.       Ensure Enough Sleep –
Make sure that the child gets enough sleep during the exams and study time. Help them unwind before going to bed, rather than studying and going to bed straight from there. The topic they were reading will keep them uneasy, which will result in disturbed sleep.

8.       Friends And Family Time –
Do not cut off friends and family time for your child. He/she is writing an exam but that doesn’t mean they should feel as though they have committed a grave crime and are in solitary confinement!

9.       Do Not Overrate The Exam –
Make sure that you do not overrate the importance of exam in your enthusiasm to make your child study hard. Failures can happen, let your child know that it is not the end of the world if they fail.

10.   Live In Present –
There are times when students keep thinking over the mistakes they have committed in the paper they have written. Parents can help them to stop analyzing their finished paper and concentrate on the paper which they are going to write next.

And ensure that you put up your best parenting side during this crucial time. Avoid arguments, fights and nagging, not only with your child, but also in the family. With your love, support, acceptance and help, even if your child doesn’t do brilliantly in board exams, he/she will always do well in life.

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