Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

I have a pussy cat, whose coat is made of snow
When it rubs itself against me, it needs, love I know
But as I sleep with my dear ones when comes the cat
I shoo it away saying “Hey! Go catch yourself a rat”

Once I stole my friend’s toy like an amateur thief
Locked in a room all alone, I trembled like a leaf
The loneliness scared me and there rolled tear after tear
When all of sudden a warmth beside me, chased away my fear

It was none other than my snowy, my very own loving cat
Who, to be with his lonely friend, had given up chasing rat
In this moment of caring, an important lesson I learned
How much for my company every day, my lonely cat yearned

From then on when snowy came to me purring for being loved
No matter with who I was with, my friend was never shoved

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