Monday, December 12, 2016

Painting Your Home Is As Easy As Putting On Makeup

It has been quite some time since I enjoyed a Saturday after as much I did on 10th of December at the #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet – Bangalore at Hotel Lalit Ashok. I call it the rainbow of bloggers meet with all the colors and fun involved. 

Keeping in mind the Bangalore traffic and maneuvering Farheena along with me, I started a bit early and as per Murphy’s Law, no traffic to stop me. Reached the venue a bit early and had time to catch up with the Indiblogger team and also click few pictures with Farheena.

Slowly bloggers started coming over and we had ample time to have our lunch, click pictures and catch up with fellow bloggers before the fun started.

After kicking starting the event in the unique Indiblogger style, the organizers set up the bloggers against each other, and that too with balloons tied to their feet. It was hilarious beginning to the fun filled afternoon.
We had introduction to Berger Express painting by Chandranath Banerjee – Service Head – Express Painting who made it clear to all the bloggers present why this was the best way to give a facelift to their homes.

Let me tell you something more about Express Painting which is an excellent service which can upgrade the painting process. For some time now market research showed that the process of painting, for consumers was a very time consuming affair which came with its share of health hazards. Keeping this in mind Berger Paints has come up with the motto of a “Faster, Cleaner and Better” experience for consumers with its Express Painting service. It has been designed keeping in mind the up gradation of the painting process whereby both the consumers and the applicator benefits from this new service. On the one hand it promises the consumer a world class painting experience minus the dust, dirt and paint spillage with excellent finish and on the other hand it assures the applicator of more business by reducing the time required for each painting assignment.
With tools designed to specifically make the process of painting faster and hassle-free, painting is now an enjoyable experience.

The task is made easy by the tools provided to the painters. 

Demo products for bloggers to look at

Impressive, isn't it? If you are convinced that you should go for it, then here is how you can do it. 

If there is something I hate doing it is those once in a blue moon tasks like shifting to a new home or painting the walls of the home we are already residing in. I remember losing my wonderful artwork to a messy painter who spilled pain on it.
When I was told that my furniture is going to be safe and there is no need for me clean up the after paint mess, the lazy person in me came alive and was pushing me to go for it.

After the introduction to Berger Express Painting and answering all the queries of the bloggers, the bloggers were teamed up for the mission of experiencing scrubbing the rough walls and painting for a cause.

I saw the women in scrubs removing the paint off the tiny piece of wall given to them and I tweeted about it. Lucky me, that won me a gift voucher from the organizers.

I went forward to be captain and picked up potential winners for my team. 
The 8 captains picking up their teams..
We went into the scrubs and called ourselves the Painter Dakus. 

Looks like we did a great job smoothing out the wall. Later, we spent quite some time discussing our project and then had to race against the time. Our cause was to save the Bengaluru from Steel flyovers and Skyscrapers that were crushing its greenery beneath their heavy foots.

I really loved these gentlemen from my team, who agreed with each other, worked together as though they knew each other for ages and were cool and calm under the race against the time. 

Work in progress
The Masterpiece - Don't Steel Bengaluru

The Agenda Being Driven Home

Let Us Not Crush The Heart Of Bengaluru Under The Steel

Our team were judged best and we won few more vouchers together for our scrubbing of walls and the art work - Don't Steel Bengaluru
There was one more fun activity for bloggers where after running around they had to stand still for few minutes. Whew... that was tough but we did it. 

Thus came an end to the beautiful day spent with a final testimonial given by me for the Berger Team.

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