Monday, July 9, 2018

I Have A Dream..............

 I have a dream. I have held on it throughout my life. I am sure that someday smiles will grow in my Giggle Garden and it will be filled with little Gigglers happily enjoying their time as they learn. I will be Smile Farmer.

My dream job in my childhood, like every child, was to be a teacher. Though for many children, the dream fades away as they come across different lucrative careers, for me the dream became stronger and stronger with each passing year.

When I was in 5th Std, I started coaching my classmates in Math and Science. That was the beginning. Then I started helping my brother with coaching for his exams. Few other children joined. I don't even remember how and when I became a tuition teacher for children in different grades.

Teaching has been a part of my life for a long time now. Being a counselor, I have heard complaints from students regarding the work burden they have in school. My coaching has never been dull or boring for my students and I have always received excellent feedback. This encouraged me to dream big of running a pre-school of my own.

My dream slowly turned into reality when I came across an affordable place which could be converted into a school. Many tell me, it is only me who could envision a school in this place. May be they are right. I did and I went about my job of making "My Giggle Garden" come alive.

I envisioned this space as a Big Sand Pit....



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I saw this room and envisioned as my office room


This plain hall as my heart of Montessori working place



As I took up the mission of starting my school in a place which was used as go-down and factory earlier, the task became overwhelming for me. The drainage was blocked due to wastage dump and rats making it their tunnel. Sometimes my heart would sink and I wanted to give up, but then there was a strong urge in me to make it happen. This was chance to live my dream. Either it would happen now or never. Being caught in the work and taking care of my family, I may never dream having my own Giggle Garden where I could grow smiles. I persevered and toiled for 3 months and then finally I was ready to invite parents for admission. Slowly admissions started trickling in. 

We enjoyed some very good parties celebrating birthdays, functions, festivals and special occasions with our children. I am not sure who enjoyed more, me or the children. 

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The best part of My Giggle Garden is that no smile is stolen. Every child, even those with special needs who can fit into the Montessori program will be given a chance.

I will hold on to my principle of giving respect to the child and involving them in discussion and decision making. Their emotional need will never be ignored.

Running a business out of blue is not easy and I have my shares of struggles. There are times when I wonder, did I do the right thing, then someone gives me a smile or a hug and I know "I did what I am meant to do".

Someday, I plan to have a huge garden growing giggles and smiles. My plan for the building is ready. My curriculum is ready. All I need is a place and fund to make my dream come true. One dream has come true.  With time may be the other will come true as well.

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