Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wow!!! I hit a century....

On April 20, 2009 I started to write the chapters of my life. I am glad to announce today that I have finally reached my 100th blog ...........oooooopppppssss blog post. Wow!

I came over to blogspot to read Jeff’s blog. One day I thought, 'why not share my writings on blogspot?' I cannot say I was totally new to blogging because I had been writing this and that on yahoo 360 earlier. It was very difficult for me initially to find someone to even visit my page… I did not know how to find good blogs and connect with people.. but as days went by I got a hang of blogging. Then plainolebob introduced me to few wonderful bloggers and since then blogging has been different…
My blog is mostly about my own experiences of past.. I was an introvert until cancer entered my life and opened all the doors and windows to the world. I could not continue to be an introvert anymore and once out of shell I loved it. So most of my writings which have never been seen by anyone else have started making its way to my blog.

I have loved sharing my diary like writing of Discovering myself series with my friends. It has taken a big effort on my part not to hide my bad traits and come out with the truth. I am quite sure that I would not do those things now because I have learned my lessons.. but I am not sure. I find myself to be a wickedly naughty and mischievous person even now.

I want to start another series of writing about my marriage and the cultural shock I had after being married. I will soon be sending out invitations to all of you to attend my wedding and join my journey there. Hope my DH will not mind it…. ;)

I thank you all my wonderful supporters on blogspot for making my blogging time wonderful and enjoyable. I would like to mention few bloggers who I admire a lot - Betty,
Alice, Dina, Jeff, Bob, BM, and Mike who have been here for quite some time.

Lately I have found some very good new friends like Rae, Supriya, chocolate covered daydreams, Matty who have quickly become a part of my blog. Now again I see some more people getting connected who are giving me wonderful feed back and I would mention Nipun, Hitesh, Nalini Hebbar, Wanderer, lisa, Gayle, Fierce etc and sure being a human being I know I have missed few and will regret later when I think of them….

So for today .. nothing much to say other than, I am so grateful to everyone of you for your opinions, frank discussions etc which encourages me to write more.
Thank you! ( She says with a broad smile and small bow )


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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