Sunday, February 14, 2010

Throwing some light on the name Farila….


  1. Hello Farila

    Thanks for this post.Very interesting story indeed.

    You know bengalis have TWO nickname for family and friends to call....and one proper formal name for the rest of the world. Thats what i thought about your names first....

    Anyways...i like both of your names.Farila and Farida though not sure if i like Gorilla or not LOL.

    Take care and thanks for the emails.

  2. Yes, I have always called you Farila, but I did notice that on your mails it is Farida, so I thought that it was me making a mistake!
    Anyway, my dear friend, I am pleased that you are not Gorilla...then I would really start to worry!
    Big, big hugs, my cheeky little monkey!!!!

  3. I had wondered about that as well. Thanks for explaining it. Now I are a lucky woman with two names!

  4. You know what..just today I and my best friend Akansha were discussing about your name. She said...its farila...and I was adamant on it being Farida. Thats because in some of your earlier mentioned some conversations of your mother or your grandmom with you as Farida. And thats the story I told her. When she asked me...why is she Farila then in the blog world. I just said...that I don't know..may be because she made a typing mistake while making her profile and then ignored to correct!!!
    But since when I knew that you are actually Farida...I always replied by the same name in my comment box...
    So i'll leave it on decide and tell...what should I call you?

  5. Hahaha!!
    That's kind of funny I would say.
    Sticking to a name that no oe liked in the family is courageous.
    Hats off to ur sister. Farila Surila pair of Gorillas...Lolz..
    Its d name which has all the identity,
    Surname is something which is not our choice. We just get it..
    Spirit goes longer...



  6. That's nice. I always found your Profile name as "Farida" though your Comments were named "Farila". I often wondered if that was a mistake...:)

    Wonderful post. Have a great day!

  7. And I thought we only had that problem here... (multi-racial issues)..

    Thank you for sharing that.


  8. both are nice...Farida and Farila...I was confused at first ...wondered if I had made a mistake

  9. I always called you Farila, but I did notice on your emais it is Farida, and thought it was me making a mistake. Love your name, whatever it is!
    Much love
    Betty xx

  10. Nice story behind the names.
    Couldn't control my laugh when I came to the 'gorilla' part.

    That's is the case with school. However nice your name may be, they will find a way to tease you :)


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