Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who can choose death????

While it is not necessarily our lot in this is age that we should suffer physically to the end of our endurance, it is still our lot that we should so suffer emotionally. The denial of this fact of life is the central defect of the age Dr. Scott Peck

The discussion on euthanasia has heated up and I have observed that the people included in the discussion are those who are under terrible pain and disability. The question is whether they are entitled to choose the time and condition of their death
I have a question (or call it confusion). Should not the people who are suffering emotionally (which at times can be worse than the worst physical pain) be included in the debate? If the person who cannot go through the physical torture can opt to get rid of it by means of euthanasia then why can’t a person who is not capable of dealing with emotional pain opt for it? Why should a person live if it is but to suffer and suffer more and more pain????

I would like to have an opinion on this matter. This doesn’t mean that I feel that anybody who is suffering should be put to death or choose to die. I think exactly in opposite direction. Death is final and nothing can change it once it takes place. The decision cannot be changed when we think it over and feel we are wrong. Once we start thinking that certain person is good dead than the line will start shifting… so I respect life.

I want to know how people feel towards this issue
If a person walks up to you and says, “I am feeling totally dejected and depressed. I know how severe emotional pain can be and I am terrified of it. It has made me numb to all positive feelings and happiness. My life is meaningless, dull and full of crap. I have nothing with me, no love, no affection, no beauty, no money, no kids… nothing. I have nothing to live for. Why do I have to suffer like this? Can I end this all by giving up living?” How will you answer this person? I am glad that you had patience to go through this now I will be grateful if you leave your opinion here for me… Thank you in advance.


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