Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Living Ad.

In my college days I used to be very much bothered by the children who were made to stand in hot sun and hand out ad papers of some particular shops advertising huge discount etc to the passerby. Most of the people, who were in a hurry, often pushed them or scolded them for hindering their brisk pace. One of the boy who must have been around 8 yrs once stood there handing out ad papers to people and I have never been able to forget his embarrassed dark face ever since- especially the embarrassment on his face. When I came back home I could not study so jotted down a few lines about this living ad…

The living ad

He stood on the path

No one offered him a chair

The path was burning hot

Yet his small black feet were bare

Full of embarrassment he handed ad cards

To the people who passed by

The owner of the shop sat calmly

For this act of his he was not a bit shy

No one bothered to give him food

Nor anyone offered a bit rest

Under the burning sun everything was dry

Yet the dark eyes seemed wet

Though the young soul was suffering

No one was bothered or sad

He was nothing more than a signboard

For people moving on – he was just a living ad.


Farida Rizwan


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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