Sunday, March 28, 2010

An amazing man...

Yesterday I was musing over the relationships, religious restrictions, societal hindrances etc and I wrote a poem as though I am trapped in a cocoon and cannot easily have my freedom back. Today morning my son showed me a video of Nick Vujicic ... was that a hint from God to me? I am sitting here feeling totally ashamed for having felt my marriage to be a strong cocoon around me which has taken away my freedom.
Today Nick has taught me a great lesson in life... even though he may never know I exist and I may never get to meet this amazing man, I know he has made a huge difference in my life.

Here is the link to his website

Nick is one of those few people who makes me feel proud of being a human......


  1. farila,

    honestly speaking
    you gave me a reason to look forward.


  2. A wonderful Video...bless your son for understanding your needs!

  3. Such an amazing man!
    Everyone would need to watch this one!
    Thanks Farila!
    B xx

  4. Brilliant.

    The best thing i have seen in quite sometime.

    Absolutely awesome.

    A million thanks Farida for sharing this lovely video.

    Thanks a lot.

    By the way , i like your HONESTY in your posts.

    May God bless u and Nick Vujicic.

  5. Farila, that was just fantastic! I loved it, especially after yesterdays post!
    Big hugs, my dear friend!

  6. That was fantastic Farila, so inspiring and so humbling.

    Just beautiful.

    Thank you

  7. You are such a wonderful person!!

  8. i can't really thankful i am to you for sharing this video..!!

  9. wow!!! these are people who teach us what life excatly is...
    thanks for sharing :)

  10. I think we all need a little perspective sometimes and that clip certainly provides a lot of perspective x

  11. He made me smile. Your son had the perfect timing for sharing this with you so that you could share it with others. What a remarkable, inspiring guy!!

  12. Farida, this is the fourth or fifth time that I've seen this video. Even though I know it's content and message, I am inspired each time. This really puts into perspective how small and petty my perceived problems are. It really shows that no matter how bad I think that I have it, there is someone else with bigger issues.

    Thank you for a great reminder.

  13. Wonderful video. I have never seen anybody as determined as Nick. Thanks for sharing this lovely video...:)


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