Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Choosen ONE....


The picture reminds me of the boxers shaking hands before actual action starts.. LOL

From today I am starting few blog posts under the category .. Marriages are made in heaven. That is what my Mom told me. I will share some serious events, few funny events and jokes of my married life with you along with my big cultural shock within India which was greater than the one I had when I went to USA. Not everything was funny.. and when I look back on this important event I realize how different I was back then. This is going to be an open invitation for all of you to join the party.

Many say marriages are made in heaven….. some have added they are suffered on earth. I am not sure how the heavens are connected to this event but my Mom knew for sure. She knew right from the day I was 11 days old or so she said, that I should be marrying a certain boy who was running tiny errands for her then, when I grew up. She knew exactly he was the Mr. Right for me and we would be a successful pair. All the years I grew up she had visions, dreams, messages from supernatural etc telling her exactly this was right choice she had made. Not once did she waver from this decision
As for me, the boy she choose was not bad, liked him but knew we had a grand canyon of difference between us and could not believe that opposites attract and love each other.
I discussed this with the husband to be back then and he reported every word to my mother. I was supposed to learn something there but somehow it went right above my head. A court was held and my sister and Mother decided that I had gravely wronged the dear husband to be guy by telling him all the differences we had between us. I am still confused about this … but by then I had lost my brattiness that I had as a child and so listened to them. Actually I grew up thinking I have wronged my mother a lot, have been cause of her misery etc and decided I am going to make her happy. So as a teen I was not the brat I was as a kid and almost obeyed my mother on most of the things. Did my grandmother finally win the war?
My mother kept telling me that I would give her a massive heart attack someday when as a kid I kept throwing tantrums after tantrums. One day doctors said her heart was weak and she should avoid stress. I may have gone through the guilt of feeliing may be I have contributed a great deal to it and so changed into a good obedient daughter gradually after that. The change was slow so that it would not give my mommy a real massive heart attack.. which a sudden one was sure to give. One fine day I was hovering around my mother being very lovey dovey and I did something very stupid for no reason. I asked my mom lovingly what I can do to please her. She made me promise her first before placing her wish … give up your desire to study astrophysics and marry the person I choose for you. Now I was thinking on terms of cooking something she liked, or doing a tough errand etc and never thought of such a big deal. Oh no!!!! I tried to back off but tears and all the emotional black mailing started after that. Unknowingly I had triggered something that would change my whole life.


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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