Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Paid in Full (With High Interest)

Back in my naughty childhood days, when I would be a nasty child driving my Mom crazy, disobeying her or acting weird, my family would tell me, “You have to respect and obey your Mom, the heaven lies under her feet. Even if you carry her on your shoulders for a decade, you cannot repay her for carrying you in her womb for a day…………………………. Blah!” The end point of all the blahing was that a child can never repay a mother. I know I couldn’t, but I think my daughter has paid me back for being her Mom in full and with high interest added to the premium.
The people who live above our home have a 1 year old baby. A few days ago the baby was crying out loud and it sounded as though it was saying “Allah, allah allah”. Farheena who was busy with her painting heard the baby cry and asked me, “Does the baby have no Maa?”  I said, “Why are you saying that? He has his mom and all the family with him”.  Farheena in all her innocence asked me,” If he has a Maa, why is calling Allah, why does he need him?” In a simple way, with that one sentence she paid me back for whatever I have ever done to her. All of a sudden, carrying her, washing her clothes, teaching her life skills and loving her looked so small in front of the high pedestal she placed a Maa. It touched my heart and I could feel the tears streaming down my cheeks. Those words were not picked up from Holy Scriptures, great books or hearsay; but it was her acceptance of the fact that Maa will take care of everything for a child. It was a compliment she unknowing gave to my parenting. Today I know, those stupid people who say a child can never repay a mother are all wrong, because as a mother, I have been paid in full. 


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