Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SelfV - Survivor Stories

Update: The SelfV Second Edition is going on. Log onto to for more information and inspiration. Share your story or those of your dear ones to encourage people to fight cancer better. 

Walking down the memory lane, here is what happened @ last year SelfV contest. 

For once, it was not just the battle with cancer that the survivors won; in addition they won Harley Davidson Super Bike, a Samsung Led Smart TV, merchandise from designer label Armani and many more. 10 winners were chosen by a special jury and I am glad to say I am one of them. 

My SelfV trophy, batch, Galaxy tab and certificate 
What touched my heart the most was the likes and comments my status on facebook received for this announcement! There were survivors, fellow bloggers, gamers (yeah, I have some friends who I have known through the games we play online), students, classmates, counselors and many more who shared my happiness. I feel blessed.
It all began nearly two months ago on the eve of Cancer Survivors Day when HCG and Pink Hope, a cancer support group came up with a unique concept of SelfV. The idea was to share the survivor stories of those who had won their battle with cancer or those who were bravely fighting and holding their ground through a 1 minute self made video which was named SelfV ( inspired by the selfie).

Nearly 150 people from across the world shared their stories or showed their support through amazing SelfV’s which was posted on facebook page of HCG oncology. The most wonderful part of the whole campaign was the positivism that oozed out of every video. I am sure that these videos have brought down the fear and stigma attached to cancer a great deal among the masses. There were tiny tots to senior citizens who participated in the campaign with equal zest and they all had a common resounding message - Cancer can be Conquered and We Will Survive to Tell our Stories. The winner’s stories will be made into a book that will be available globally soon and will be titled 'The Survivor Stories’.

It was kind of difficult to share my experience of 18 years as a cancer survival in under a minute but finally I could manage it. I feel a great sense of accomplishment to see the huge response the event received. The winner - Siddhart said that he shed tears for the first time in 6 months because he could not cry in front of his parents. More than for himself, he wanted to survive for his parent’s sake. There was a young boy who was diagnosed before he entered college and announced with innocence he would love to win the Harley. Every message shared felt connected to me in one way or other. The whole event when concluded left a pleasant feeling in my heart.
Hope this will be the beginning of change……………..

Pictures of the amazing event...

Siddhart .. The Flying Sid - Winner of the Harley Davidson
The company must be so proud to have him as their customer!


  1. Congrats Farida! The real winning all of you did was in maintaining your joy of life through all the experiences that surviving cancer entails. Your infectious zest for life is something I have experienced myself.

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  3. Admin

    Well done Farida! The genuine winning every one of you did was in keeping up your delight of life through every one of the encounters that surviving tumor involves. Your irresistible vitality is something I have encountered myself.

    Dharmendar Rai

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