Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Rise of the Planet of Apps

The Rise Of The Planet Of Apes Apps
The Planet of Apps
Smartphones with smarter apps are making me smarter with each passing day, or am I wrong? I order my food, book my taxi, listen to music, edit photos or create work related images through my mobile apps. Most of the time I do not have my laptop handy, but smart phones are easier to carry around. Most of the websites give you great offers if you book tickets, order food or buy products through their apps. I get invite to 100s of Mobile/tablet apps every month. Though initially I am tempted by the offer of the apps, later on I realize how easy it is to use them.

Most of them install quickly without hassle. I don’t even have to restart my tablet or phone to get it going. Twitter, Facebook, blogger or the websites I work for, all have the apps of their own. Recently I synced a game between my Apple iPad2 and Samsung tab so that it will remain updated on both of them. I realize now that we can do the same with our apps as well.

There is no need to sign in every time you want to use an app. It is great when you book your cab. No sending details or banging your head explaining the address to the driver who at times doesn't speak your tongue. The apps do all the hard work for you. No wonder the usage of apps is on steep rise.
In the past few years our society has fallen head over heels in love with their mobile devices, their virtual world which can fit in their pockets. We are so much driven by our gadgets and their apps that soon our planet can be identified as “Planet of Apps” where we will have an app for everything. Marketers find apps an easy connection between themselves and consumers; hence they come up with tempting offers and better apps to catch their attention. Everyone wins here!
Sleek gadgets hitting market, make you drool over them
Being a multitasking person, apps have become a boon for me. I cannot imagine that we managed everything so well without our smartphones just a few years ago. How did we do that? Today, if I ever step out forgetting to take my phone with me, there will be chaos by the time I come back home. Don’t believe me, huh?
Just imagine you have planned to meet a friend 25 km away from your home. Everything fixed and you start out to meet her. Now when you are nearing the venue, you remove your phone to check out the exact location on the Map App. What a scary feeling it is to realize that you have forgotten your phone back home which is nearly 23 km away from your destination. Your friend is arriving at the venue anytime. You cannot call her and let her know your dilemma. You totally forgot to take more details since you had fed the location on your app. There you have the chaos in your life.
I think we are getting so dependent on our smartphones that our own smartness which helped us solve crisis situations is not working anymore. Someday, these apps will rise to rule us, and I think the day is not far off!
Connect a keyboard and you have your laptop in your tablet

With windows in our tablets, there it little I cannot do on them. Other than for the activity that requires me to type in a lot of words with error free spellings and grammar, I do not recall for what I use my laptop nowadays. My desktop is already shutdown stacked away. Mobiles and tablets are here to stay!

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Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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