Monday, January 3, 2011

Confusions and dilemma's at the beginning of 2011

Hope to sort them out at the beginning of 2011 so that the whole year will have a smooth run...
I will be leaving for Bangalore soon so that I can check out why my toes have suddenly turned so fragile that they are breaking up so easily. I have at present three cracks on my toes and the pain is driving me crazy. So will get that checked out along with a follow up for my daughter to see why she occasionally gets swelling on her ankles and knees.
Next step is rule to recurrence of cancer by going for a detailed follow up which has been pending up for quite some time. Importantly I will to check out a lump which has been persisting for a few months and also growing steadily. I had it checked out in Mangalore and doctor there said it may not be malignant but anyway asked me check it out later to be sure and I want to be sure now. It is sort of making me nervous.
My house which is old and depleted is falling apart. I want to make sure that my husband will do something about this as soon as possible or at least before the monsoon starts. The problem is there is a dispute going on between him and his siblings over their ancestral property and so he doesn't want to spend on it or vacate it. Easier for a person who lives in Sharjah but tough for us over here. He will have to make some choice now and hope he will be doing it.
Hope I will solve the issues on hand at the moment and be back with full force in the blogging world soon.
Spare some prayers for me... Miss you all


  1. Oh my....sounds like you are dealing with major health issues.

    The toe thing sounds incredibly painful.

    Scary about the lump. I hope it's not malignant. Keep us posted.

  2. I am glad that you have such positive look towards life... even after being surrounded by so many issues you cooly plan to sort them out... My best wishes... and hope the new year brings more happiness...

  3. u r such a brave woman ... there is a family history of breast cancer ... n u too had it - so it's better u get to know for sure what is it ... my prayers r with u !!

  4. I hope everything turns to be just right for you this new year and this will be your best year so far. My prayers will always be with you!!

  5. Yea... you seem to take these tough times so easily.
    Hope everything turns out to be fine and you guys will have a happy healthy year ahead

  6. God bless you, Farida - I am sure things will work out positively for you. I live in Bangalore - if I can be of any help - let me know.

  7. Yes, probably so it is


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