Friday, April 20, 2012

Searching For Lost Innocence

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Searching For Lost Innocence 

Why can’t I enjoy my life now?
As I did when I was a child
The world which was once wonderful
Why now appears to be so wild?

Waste buttons, colored piece of chalk
Key without lock, all were a pleasure
But why now they have become trash
Where did I find different meaning for treasure?

Why can’t I love and believe fairies now
Where did I lose my innocence?
In drawing, writing or come reading
As I did why don’t I see my excellence?

Why do the twinkling stars, sun and moon
Seem no more a wonder of the sky?
Why amusement is very rare now?
When did all questions in my mind die?

Why can’t I smile heartily now
At anyone for a single word of praise?
Now my lips just stretch a bit
As for flattery I have lost craze

Why am I unable to glare now?
At people I dislike and smile at friends
Now why the smiles and glares are reserved
To mostly suit the latest trends?

Though there was not much wisdom
There is abundance of joy in innocence
I don’t want the knowledge I have
For innocence I can happily trade intelligence
                                                                                                   By: Farida Rizwan
Art by Farheena

As I entered my teens, I was shocked to find that growing up and being an adult was not going to be fun..
I was worried and this poem is the outcome of my fears back then.
Fortunately I have discovered the child in me again and l am loving my life now...high five


  1. really thoughtful- a wonderful poem Farila Ma'am:)

  2. Such an innocent heartfelt weave.

  3. We all have a child inside of us, we just sometimes lose it in everyday grown-ups do, but then something comes along and stirs up a memory or a feeling that we had as children.
    It is still there...let it out to play sometimes!

  4. we all love to get that innocent and sweet life :)

  5. If we have to have a dark period, it's best that we have it and get it over with - so that we can move on and, as you said, discover the child in ourselves and love life until the end.

    Is Farheena still an artist?

  6. There are so many ways that we lose our innocence throughout our lives. The challenge is being able still to find joy despite these losses, something I know you know very well. The trade-off for such loss is perhaps some wisdom, but it does seem to come at such a price, doesn't it. Hugs, my friend.

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