Monday, April 23, 2012



When something goes wrong
On something cleverly shift the blame
Though learning the art of blaming
Is not an easy game

Try patting your forehead
And with grim face blame your fate
Shrug your shoulders
And blame your position as desperate

Smack your lips with a little twist
And blame lack of ability
Sometimes put on a sad look
And blame burden of responsibility

Give a very tired look
And blame your bad health
With an angry tone
Blame your situation which lacks needed wealth

There are plenty of things for which
You can the increasing population
Then clenching your fists y
You can blame the idiotic television

Screw up your face, hold your heart
And blame unfaithful friends
Shake your head vigorously
And point towards modern trends

With rebellion tone and revolutionary gait
Blame your oppression
Throwing your hands in air
In a careless voice blame your nation

If you have a quite one
Then nag and blame your husband/wife
If you have a self respecting spouse
Then in a desperate tone blame unkind life

When everything is lost
And every blame looks a bit odd
Yet you have the Almighty, don’t spare him
Go ahead and blame the God…

                                                                                                                                By Farida Rizwan


  1. dont we all do it sll the time , blame it on everyone else other then Ourself.
    The day we learn to accept that , life will surly become a lovely place and also what ever has gone wrong will Not go wrong because we will know how to fix it

    but then may be i am thinking of a ideal world


  2. Hope you are doing good. How true! I don't think any of are strong enough to live a life without doing this. There are many instances when deep down we know the truth, yet in need to hold our head high we indulge in Blaming! Very nice post and a lovely read after log time.

  3. Haven't we all heard about how four fingers point at ourselves while we point one at others. And yes, we will even blame God when we have finished with everyone else.

  4. Blame - A word for escaping responsibility.After much realization of ups & downs, whenever I am to blame somebody I think twice b4 doing so and go silent.A very powerful resource -silent .

  5. Hi, I would like to nominate you for the Sunshine Award, please do the needful and collect the image from the below mentioned link if you wish to collect the image for the award.


  6. So familiar, so human .. what a weakness. I suppose this is another outlet we are allowed temporarily of course til we come to our senses.

  7. great poem...true...we always try to put the blame on someone other than us....

  8. have'nt we all done that at some point or the other? But then, for once, if we had seen those four fingers that pointed at us, thigs wou'd hav neen much easier. Great writing.

  9. True words there! Wonder why is it so tough to come up and face the truth? Why do we always go searching for those escape routes? Really thought provoking words there...

  10. Lovely verse- so true it is that we so often blame everyone and everything but ourselves.

    BTW-Came here from Cybernag's blog. Just read a few posts- you have a wonderful blog here!

  11. postingan yang bagus tentang"ART of BLAMING…"

  12. now you should write about how everything is 'your' fault, for people like me who seem to be getting blamed for everything. or is it just being married perhaps... loved the poem, especially the verse about the spouses...

  13. Very well said, I agree ..All of us are always on the look out for excuses or scape goats to put the blame on!

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