Monday, July 2, 2012

My Airtel Suffering......

For those who must have been wondering why my blog has been neglected I would like to explain what has been happening.
I was looking for internet services available for us online when I was contacted by airtel representative on 13th June promising me a connection in 3 days. I had few freelance assignments to complete and also my blog to be picked up. I asked him to check out all the feasibility and then make me fill the application because Internet connection was important for me. He checked out and assured me after sometime that connection is possible in 3 days maximum time. Therefore I paid the amount required and service charges for the salesman. I am withholding their names and numbers with a courtesy they do not deserve😠.
The connection did not happen in 4 days and from the 5th day onwards both the men who promised me connection were not picking up my phone.
I finally contacted the customer care of airtel who said that my profile has not been uploaded yet. Finally I got hold of the representative by calling from my son's mobile who said the connection was not possible because my documents were missing.
The reasons airtel gave kept changing from
1) Your documents are missing
2) Your rental bond paper is of low value
3) There is fault in our underground cable
4) maximum connections have been given in your area and connection points are full
The list would go on ...with every reason they asked me to wait for 1 more day.
Finally after 14 days they said the connection was not possible and the money will be refunded.
Now when they refund the money it will sent through cheque which will not reach us immediately.
The refund amount will be only for the payment made towards the connection. The service charge paid for the salesman is our cost. They are not responsible in any way for all the rest of the loss I have been through like loss of work, call charges to their representatives etc.
I visited their head office on 28th June demanding an explanation for their irresponsible behavior.
There I was given contact number of the area manager who was supposed to call me solve my problem. I gave up on Airtel and went to BSNL office, filled up my application and called up their manager before submitting the application to BSNL. He asked me not to submit my application because he will be giving me connection the very next day. I explained to him about all the problems the representatives had given me and the reasons they had given for being unable to provide the connection. He said he was efficient and responsible who had solved the issue in 5 minutes. He asked me to cancel my connection, go back home and wait for airtel broadband.
So I cancelled my good old BSNL connection and came back home. The next day I waited till evening and called up on the number of the area manager again. He asked me to wait for 10 minutes and then he was not reachable.
The next day he said the issue is being resolved and I was said to wait first till Monday and the now till Wednesday. Therefore I have not been able to respond to support requests, respond to queries,read and comment on blogs and earn my bread for past few weeks.

Apart from this I am having various
unresolved issues regarding Airtel. Last two months has been a horrid period of problems for me. I sincerely hope airtel will understand the issue and resolve my problem so that I will not be left with only alternative to port to other services which are hassle free. I have already applied for porting but waiting to see what airtel does before taking my final decision as I have had good service from the company for past years.

Issue 1.
On July 1st I have been charged rupees 120/- towards Internet browsing charges. The deduction has taken place sometime around 10 a.m. As i had checked my balance at 9 a.m. 1/7/2012. I am on auto renewal rs 10 for 100 MBs since 29th on 2G plan. Everyday there has been nearly 50 MBs remaining in my account as it is impossible to use 100 MBs on 2G. I contacted airtel customer care but they have failed to resolve the issue and insist the charges have been towards Internet surfing. I received SMS at 12:51 a.m. On 1/7/2012 Stating Internet pack has been renewed on my mobile. At 11a.m. 1/7/2012 There
Was 92 MBs remaining in my account. Kindly explain then why is there a deduction of huge amount of 120 rupees between that period towards Internet surfing. How is it possible that I had my pack automatically renewed at 12:51a.m, then have 92 MBs remaining at 11a.m but have no balance in between that period?

Issue 2.
I had recharged with rs 97 on April 6th to avail reduced call rates but was charged nearly rupee 1 per minute for nearly a week before I complained and got issue corrected. The extra amount I incurred was not refunded.

Issue 3.
I have been charged wrongly for Internet surfing many times earlier for small amounts like 20 rupees which has been credited once brought to the notice of Airtel. I am not sure how many times it may have skipped my notice and I must have lost my money unnecessarily for their fault.

Issue 4.
Considering my problems with Airtel I decided to port my number to another service on 14th June when I was contacted by airtel cc and convinced to stay with Airtel for benefits like lower call rates and free SMS. The call rates were reduced but the SMS rate jumped up from 50 paise to rupee 1.
As Airtel failed to keep their promise of giving me MNP benefits I decided to port again on 30th June whereby I was cContacted again Offering MNP benefits which now included free SMS and reduced call rates again.
I decided to give Airtel one more chance and put my porting on hold and recharged with Rs 200/- top up card. Immediately the next day rupees 120 was deducted for Internet browsing even when I had auto renewal pack running for my account. Making me regret my decision.

Issue 5
I sent SMS LAST to 121 and according to airtel AD-L5Debits: there has been double debits of rupees Rs 10 towards Internet pack on 29th June and 1st July. When brought to their notice the customer care promised me refund of Rs 20 which is yet to be credited.

How often are we cheated small amount of money from our cellular service providers? How many customers really have time to sit down and notice the balance amount in on their phones?
How can we stop daylight robbery by service providers?
All I get from airtel is complaints numbers like
CBDMO 20701405335
RPOCN 40630777337
I would highly appreciate a solution to my problems instead.

UPDATE: Finally rupees 117/- was refunded and my connection given on 7/7/2012


  1. ooops I hope they get resolved. the problem with customer service is that they say they are customer oriented and their to help the customer but it seldom happens ... all the big companies are like this .. they want ur money but take ages to refund or conveniently forget to do so ..


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