Friday, July 20, 2012

My Life Is a Collage

My life, of bits and pieces is a collage
My struggle, so well it can camouflage
Once it was broken and strewn around
Into tiny pieces all over the ground
There was neither harmony nor accord
Everything was dismantled off record
Slowly I started picking them one by one
Not quitting until the work is done
When I failed to fill in an empty place
Some angel stepped in with a grace
Making a connection with my heart
Giving me a bit of her/his life's part
I glued them together with will power
Working patiently hour after hour
I worked out the puzzle one piece at a time
I made the bits match and the words rhyme
Creating a new life out of pieces from past
I have a great masterpiece of collage at last

My life is as mine as it is of you
Strange it may sound, but it is true

 Farida Rizwan


  1. that was some beautiful piece of rhyming poetry Farida.. Keep blessing such ones!

    Someone is Special

  2. Very creative picture...and a beautiful poem Farida :)

    1. My son is an animator, therefore he helps me in creating good pictures for my blog. I am a lucky mom :)

  3. Do read the poem aloud... and see if you can re-arrange words, delete a few (to gives lines a stable syllabic count)... because the idea and thought connect but the rhythm suffers. Hope to read a revised version soon. :)

    1. I just pour out my feelings in words when they flow in.. I am not expert in creating good poetry with proper rhyme and rhythm. Only the feeling matters to me.

  4. Farida ji, first time on your blog. Enjoyed life as you see it.

  5. that philosophy of life is eternal farida jee..very carefully framed with your thought ..

  6. liked it very much ... its beautiful and reflecting

  7. beautiful poem and thats how life should be colorfull COLLAGE ..
    Loved the thoughts and the way you have told it all


  8. love the way you have brought out the contribution of all the bits and pieces to our being by those who touch us. very profound thought expressed eloquently.

  9. and congrats on the new domain. nayi sheher, nayi domain, arre wah...

  10. This is the perfect thing for me to read today. Four years ago today, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am so glad that you and our Judy and I are all still here. Much love to you, dear lady.


  11. This holds true for all of us. Well expressed :)

  12. I liked reading each line and visualizing this representation of your life. Such a gift you have to translate the feelings of your heart into poetry.

  13. I love the way you've described your life, Farila. From reading about you, I can see that your a woman of great strength and purpose. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  14. Such is life and wonderfully written.

    Beautiful Collage too:)


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