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The Princess Keshumati Chronicles

The Beautiful Princess Keshumati 

I am Princess Keshumati of the Kingdom Keshapura. My mothersays I was born a very beautiful child; so beautiful that people from far places came toour kingdom to just have a glimpse of me. The crowning glory of my beauty wasmy shiny dark tresses which was full and had just the right amount of bounce.
Knowing about my beauty made me pursue it more and gloatmore and more for it. I had many bird friends in my garden; who provided mewith beauty and hair tips to enhance my beauty. I would sit in my garden andlisten to them and take tips as to what was I supposed to do to enhance mybeauty. I wanted to have tresses that would surpass the beauty of tresses thatany princess ever possessed and would put even Rapunazel to shame.

I asked my friend and tip provider Sparrow to help me getthose enviable tresses. Sparrow said, first I did have to get rid of thedandruff from my head and shoulders. Without getting rid of dandruff there wasno way I could have those enviable tresses flowing down my back. Off flewSparrow and bought me hair wash liquid that would clear away all the dandrufffrom my head. I had a clean and clear scalp now but somehow due to the hairwash liquid my hair lost some of its luster.

My friend Pigeon was very upset that I went ahead with thedandruff clearing hair wash liquid without consulting her. She said I needed tohave the shine back in my hair which would give it a silky sunny look. So now itwas her turn to treat my hair with a hair wash liquid that would make it shinyand silky. She flew to a faraway sunny land and brought me colorful hairwashing liquid. That brought back some luster to my hair now and that wasthe end of my hair problems! OH NO!Wait. That was just the beginning of my tress stress.
The previous twowashing liquids had given one positive quality to my hair while taking awaythree or four more of its goodness. My hair color looked different, which mademe uncomfortable. I was very happy with my previous hair color. Looking at mysad face, my friend peacock approached me. Running her wings through my hair,she asked, “Princess Keshumati, what bothers you? Why are you so crestfallen?”I told her what had happened and how I felt bad about my new hair color whichwas dim black. Peacock laughed out loud and said, “What a silly thing to worryabout? Hair coloring is so easy that you can get anything that will suit yourface now. I will get you some coloring liquids from which you can make yourchoice”. Peacock was back in a jiffy with quite some coloring liquids in herbag.

I was quite excitedand tried two or three of them. Finally I ended up choosing my original jetblack color. I was happy for a while with the end to my hair problems. Few dayslater while having bath, I saw the strands of my hair flowing down the river.They were falling in hoards. I was worried that I may go bald soon at thisrate. Days went by and I was now facing the problem of hair fall, dandruff,lack of luster, damaged and broken hair with split ends.

My hair had lostvolume, luster and length due to my mistreatment of it. My friends’ the crow,the eagle and the vulture tried out few more liquids on my hair, took me to aclinic and tried many herbal medicines on my hair, which only furtheraggravated my condition.
I stopped going tomy garden, to avoid my friends interfering and damaging my hair. 

One day a faraway friend who had not been in touch with me for a long time visited me. MissDove was shocked to see the condition of my hair. I told her my quest forbeautiful hair which had made me lose even what I started with.
 Dove expressedsome sympathy towards my condition. Dove gave me a long lecture on hair, “DearPrincess Keshumati, you should be kind to your tresses. How you treat and carefor your hair decides how healthy or unhealthy it will appear. Your stylinghabits have damaged your hair causing split ends, lack of luster, hair breakageand falling hair. You have to be hair aware.  Let us check out your hair and scalp to knowthe truth behind your hair problem. Hmmm… you have done quite some harm to yourhealthy hair by using harsh things on it. We have to go for damage therapynow”.
I was tired oftrying to regain my healthy hair now, but the way Dove was analyzing my hairand checking it out before making any suggestions made me trust my Dove andgive one last try to get back my original beautiful hair.
Dove had series ofquestions to ask me to know what I had done to damage my hair so, and also howmy hair felt, was there itchiness in my scalp and many more. By the end of anhour or so, Dove had all the information she needed to know my hair condition.Now she referred to some books to check out the cure for my damaged hair.
Finally she came upwith a damage therapy for my hair. Out she flew and was gone for more than amonth. I thought she might have forgotten about me and sighed looking at themirror. It reflected my lack luster, thinning, and dandruff filled hair.
One month after shewas gone, Dove came back with her bag of Hair Repair items for me. I wassurprised with her dedication and concern for me.
The package Dovebrought for me included Intensive repair hair washing liquid, which had MICROMOISTURESerum and Fiber Actives to internally reconstruct my hair, thus preventingsplit ends and breakage.
A highly advancedcare and repair system of Fiber Actives to deeply penetrate porous hair to helpreconstruct it from within and Formula with patented MICROMOISTURE Serum tostrengthen and nourish hair from root to tip.
Dove also had in herbag an Intensive Repair Conditioner which could strengthen and made hairresilient to future damage without weighing it down.
The set of repair therapyDove had for me could deeply repair and replenish damaged hair due to breakagefrom combing. It also helps restore damaged or missing proteins, boosting innerresistance, and uses patented MICROMOISTURE Serum to help smooth the hair’scuticle and rebuild its protective coating.
In addition Dove hadbrought me an Ultra-light nourishing formulation which helped to
Control frizz andboosted the shine in my hair even in humid conditions.
Also I hadWeightless Nutri-Oils, to Smoothen, and uplift the cuticles that cause frizz. Italso deeply nourishes my hair without making it greasy so hair is easier tomanage and style.
I started followingthe advice of my friend dove ...and that was the end of my hair problems!  No more damaged and unmanageablehair for me.
Princes from farawaykingdoms are coming to Keshapur to seek my hand. I need to attend mySwayamvar now. Bye people. Take care of your tresses and listen to only thoseyou really care for you.

This is a fictional story written as a contest entry for a contest on Indiblogger by  Dove Damage Therapy

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 Special thanks to Animator Rayyan for creating wonderful images for my blog. Thank you son. 


  1. Very creative, Farida. Liked how you brought all the birds in. Was not interested in the technical details of hair maintenance though. But I am sure contest organizers will like it.

    1. Thanks TF. I was kind of reluctant to write this, but then why write my sob story always. Need something different on my blog.

  2. Loved the idea of birds giving tip to the princess....quite unique and creative..all the best for the contest..:)

  3. Thanks to Dove, Keshumati lived happily ever after!

  4. Very cute and creative story....enjoyed reading it....All the best for the contest :)

  5. :) now i know how to take care of my minimal hair too :)

    all the best with the contest

    Open letter to all - Bikram's

  6. Very Creative. So finally dove came to the rescue and that was the end of hair problems. Amazing Farida ji...You have written a nice story

  7. Brilliant. The way you presented the dove (bird) was wonderful. All the very best for the contest.:)

  8. Best wishes for the contest!
    Beautifully woven.

  9. Hey, you are quite good at this. I loved the narration. All the best :)

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