Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Uff yeh Uppama Bloggers Meet

A tiny group of Bangalore Indibloggers got together over a bowl of Uppama and Ice creams, when rest of the bloggers were bored with their routine life. The most important part of this bloggers meet was not the dvd’s T-shirts or pen drives, but an excellent Uppama prepared by the smart bachelor with potatoes(?) and other veggies.  The taste of the Uppama was so good that in the end everyone unanimously voted to call the meet as Bangalore Bloggers Uppama Meet, and I am very sure every blogger present there feels honored to be a part of this unique group.
The bloggers met at Suresh. C's (yeah yeah the guy with few hairs who makes fun of you) apartment which is one of the most spacious one you will find in BTM 1st stage. Honestly he could entertain a group of 25-50 people comfortably at his place.  I was held up with Farheena and her rehearsals so could not be there earlier, but reached on time to save one single blogger who was left out of the group of fictional writers and future millionaires of the blogging world.
During the surf excel meet, I had heard beautiful voice from behind which described the functioning of vibrating molecules with such details that it had left with everyone else with a feeling of being hit by a thunder, including the one who asked the question. I met the source of that voice at this meet, who was sweet Radha. Unfortunately I can never look at her without thinking about the vibrating molecules.
It as a world of books, serenity and bloggers chit chat... Wonderful way to spend an evening for a blogger, when I say this I don’t have any intention of making those who missed this opportunity to be jealous. Book lovers, if there is a place on earth you should invade then it is here and here in Suresh’s home. This is wrong timing for me to chance upon those books; as I barely have time to scratch my head which itches due to dandruff, leave alone steal books and read them. For time being, I am not invading Suresh’s home for those books or Uppama.
It was bliss for fiction writers, as this meet included some wonderful discussions, tips and topics regarding fiction writing. Though discussed in hushed tones, I have a blueprint of the next fiction best seller that is going to hit the market.
I got an Uff Yeh Emotions book for free from one of authors. Guess who. It is a collection of 11 award winning love stories.  I have read one of them so far, ‘A Path of Thorns which is written by Suresh C. The narration is excellent, especially the details about people and their thoughts. The people in the story are not some extraordinary people, though the heroine has some positive qualities you can appreciate. What I loved about the story is the way the hero accepts his follies and behaves like a man with desires rather than being a saint, which is so common in our Indian fictions. This is a piece of entirely professional work, from a great writer in the making. It is written in impeccable language, great visualization and good topic for story. Looking forward to more stories from the author. 


  1. Thanks Farida for the appreciation of the Upma as well as the story :)

  2. Jealous. Jealous. We were studying (and envying) Suresh and TF this afternoon, and then this post. Life has its ways of rubbing it in. Very happy for you guys and the great time you are having with this community. Getting to work to find ways of doing it together. The upma is motivation enough.

  3. You are inspiring me to join other bloggers for a meeting. I've often thought of it. We can learn a lot from each other. Maybe this will be the year. :)

    I love the image of the dancing, hugging dogs.

  4. Good one Farida. After hearing so much about the famed Upma, it is good to read a first hand account :).


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