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My Own Soldier Who Stood By Me through the Journey of My Life

Blogadda has asked us bloggers to write about a man who stood up for a woman with courage and integrity. He became the soldier for her. This takes me back in time and remind me of an incidence when a tiny soldier once had asked me, ‘why children have to take the surname of their father and not mother. Mothers do much more for children than father, even carrying them in the tummy, feeding them, and caring for them until they become independent to fend for themselves.’ The question from my son shocked me, because being a mom; I had never given a thought to this matter. Neither had I thought of taking my mom’s name but proudly went by with my father’s family name and then with that of my husband. I had never felt grateful to my mom for carrying me in her tummy, feeding me nor caring for me, because I assumed that is what mothers do. I had taken this wonderful gift for granted until now.To get out of the sticky situation, I said, ‘it is easy for boys to take name of their father, because it goes well with their own male names’. Kids are smart and they always have few counter questions ready to attack us. He had one too… ‘what about the girls, why do they have the male names attached to theirs?’ I had lost the argument in just three sentences. I conceded defeat and told him that I would think about this later.
When people ask me who has been the strongest support in my journey of life, I always have to say it is my son. Since a tender age he has been there with me, lending his support whenever I needed it the most. Without him, dealing with cancer, uncomfortable marriage, special needs child and other tough situations of life was impossible for me. My brother, father or husband can never do what he has done in empowering me, even though he is younger to me by 24 years. With his tiny enlightening revelations about my importance and with his ever constant encouragement, I started realizing my own potential at the age of 38 years. A silly woman who had thrown away her education and independence, slowly started picking it up once again.
A person who strictly follows non-violence in his life, he has never flexed his muscles for any reason. He does not create any violent situation in his life at all, as he peacefully solves all the issues around him. People, who often think of heroes, imagine them to be those bodyguard types who will bash up people who threaten their women. Are they the only heroes? For me they are not, as they are ones who think women need protection and they are the ones who can care for and protect them. The real hero is the person who can give strength, respect and independence to women where they will not need a man to rescue them. That is what my son has been to me until now.  
He is not ashamed to do any household chores even when my friends or teen girls are visiting our home. His friends, who made fun of him initially, realized later that being a good helpful son is not a wrong thing or something to be ashamed of. By helping me finish off the household chores quickly, he allows me to spend time with my children watching some movie or playing games.
 In a village with narrow minded people, he never voiced his views but silently went on helping me manage my house work like any daughter would do. He set example there with his actions.
His major contribution in my life has been his sharing responsibility of bringing up my special needs daughter. He is the most caring and loving elder brother a sister can have, moreover he is a proud brother who has made her a part of life. When most brothers tell their sisters never to come in contact with their friends, my son not only introduces her to his friends but sees to it that she gets a bit of attention and respect from people around her, so that she will never feel left out.  Though I have collected a lot of information from doctors, internet and counselors, the best solution for my daughter’s problems comes from him. When I being a mother struggle to understand what she is saying because of her limited vocabulary, Rayyan does understand her so quickly.
My mother, sister and sister-in-law, all have received the same respect from him. I have never seen him treat any girl with disrespect or call her names no matter what she is wearing. He believes that every person has their own choice of dress code, and they should be allowed to wear what they are comfortable with.
He often reminds me to take some fun time for myself in a day. The boy, who never pesters me for anything he wants, does that when he sees me working too hard, urging me slow down and have some fun too. Whenever I have to go out for some work, he takes excellent care of my daughter, treating her like a princess. Without his support, I would never been a graduate, freelance writer nor blogger. He has given me the insight into what I really am and given me courage to stop pretending to be someone else just to please people around me.
This is my hero and my soldier who has given me the power to fight for my rights and be what I want to be. I am glad and proud to have him in my life. You rock my son!
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  1. Lovely and insprirational post Farida. Thanks for sharing it so beautifully :) I couldn't help but smile and feel so good.

  2. Madam

    Tiruvalluvar said in Kural,
    The service a son can render his father (read mother)
    Is to make men ask, "How came this blessing?"
    Enjoy your blessing.

  3. Felt so good while reading this post. You have a very loving and caring son, sets an example how son should be :)

  4. And a hero worth saluting Farida!

  5. Inspirational post. :)

    Reminded me of how my nephew doing household chores when his mom was carrying.

  6. Lovely post Farida !!!
    Rayyang is for sure a hero. God bless

  7. Lovely post Faridaji...u r lucky to have such a dutiful son :)

  8. Lovely post! You sure are blessed to have such a wonderful son!


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