Saturday, April 11, 2020

How Farheena Fights Corona #100LessonsOfLife -3

Everything was fine in Farheena’s world until March 13th. She was going for work and lived her life as though nothing has changed. When her vocational centre announced holiday for a month, Farheena suddenly realized there is something wrong and questions started pouring in.
It is very difficult to explain to Farheena what we cannot see and it was tough to explain virus to her. I am not sure how much information should be given to her without causing extreme fear. With my experience in bringing her up and all the smartness God has given me, I explained it to her in a best possible way and stressed on the importance staying indoors for a month or so.
She resolved to come out of this a winner immediately and made plans. Her first response was to surrender to the situation until May/June or that is what she said. I have no clue why she added those two months when I was expecting the April heat to kill the virus. She said when something is wrong, it is better to follow rules and stay indoors. I don't know how much she understands, but her response to the situation, made life easy for me.
Next decision was not to complain about food which came with a condition that I shouldn’t blame her if she cannot empty the plate. I have been very strict about wasting food and all plates in our home are empty before they enter sink. After some pondering and evaluating the situation, I agreed.
Then started her hunt for corona. As we casually stood on the balcony, the furthest point of our venture since lockdown, Farheena was peeking ahead intently. I asked what is she looking at and she says, "I am trying to see corona. Is that it?" She points to a far off bird. Now I cannot laugh out loud without pissing her off, so with muffled sounds I say, “No baby. It is a bird. Corona is very small”. Immediately she brightens up. May be she thought that if it is small we can easily handle it. I leave her in the brightened state to keep looking out for corona.
She started working around home once again, something she has quit since her time change in vocational centre. She meticulously dices tomatoes the only vegetable seen around now, at times dusted things, mopped floor, switches on/off appliances, and lends her hand in almost everything. Unfortunately, we are short of veggies, fruits and other stuff with just basic food items to pull us through, so there is shortage of work for her.
If we are carrying something very light, she wants to help us by holding it along with us which is very funny. Two people pass plate to Rayyan at dining table, two people keep one light book on shelf etc. I know she is missing her colleagues and her work, so I play along whenever she wants to.
Jigsaw puzzles have been her new attraction, along with some games. I am surprised to see her skills in playing carom. She is quite good at it though I have to bear when a lot of criticism is thrown at my bad shots. Once when I pocketed a coin and casually responded that, “That was lucky shot, I pocketed it by mistake” and she calmly places it back on board. Huh? Nothing said. I cannot believe what I saw but I think she slowly moves the coins to better position to be pocketed when I am not looking at the board.
Her art keeps her engaged as well.
As days went by, she somehow became the boss and started controlling what is happening around our home.
Recently, my bored husband swept the house and did mopping early in the morning. He is the most restless one in the curfew and Farheena is watching his every move. When Farheena woke up, he proudly announced to her what he had achieved even before she woke up and her response, “I hope you cleaned the toilets as well”. He had tough time closing his gaping mouth.
Yesterday, when I couldn’t tie her hair high enough which she wanted due to summer heat coming up, she did it herself and responded, “You don’t know to do anything properly, you only know how to eat”. I never thought anyone will ever dare say something like that to me ever in my life.
As soon as the curfew was on, she ordered me to confiscate keys (of house and two wheeler) from her dad because she said we cannot trust him. She made a rule that he has to explain where he is going, I should evaluate whether it is necessary and safe and hand over the keys to him after proper instructions of washing hand, not touching face when out and using hand sanitizer. She says, I have to repeat it each and every time he goes out. No compromise. As for me, Rayyan and herself, the strict order is to stay indoor without compromise.
Since the rules are set before hand on many things that we need to handle at home during lockdown, it prevents everyday arguments and fights.
When we sit out on balcony, she points at every person or vehicle, “Maa look, they are breaking the rules”.
Among all chaos there is constant lookout for corona as well. Anything that is looking different attracts her attention, like a piece of mop laying on bathroom floor.
“Maa, Maa, maa…. Please come here soon”
“What did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything, just look what is it is on the floor there”
Initially I was confused for the panic but then I realized she is thinking of corona.
“No, it is not corona. It is a piece of mop”. I had to literally pick it up and put it in dustbin to calm her down and immediately she ordered, “Wash your hands properly”.
There were few ants in cornflakes and as I was trying to pick them out, Farheena looks at me intently and asks, “What is it?” doubt written on face. “Not corona, ants!” Whew!
Days are becoming too monotonous for her but she is carrying her out duty of combing her hair, having bath, changing dress and brushing her teeth regularly every day, yes add to it regular washing of hands. Though sometimes she skips it, she is walking indoors.
Yesterday, she was very excited about everyone switching off lights and we showing phone lights or lighting up diyas or candles. I keep her updated with what is happening because I think it is her right to know current events, no matter how much understands.
She had head bath, got ready, put on some perfume and went to the balcony with a chair. She watched as everyone switched off lights .. one by one. I could see her excitement. Later, she started shining her mobile light, commenting that was the brightest thing around our apartment. She shone it on our Giggle Garden as well. Then everything collapsed with sudden burst of crackers nearby. All of sudden she got up in hurry, sending the chair spiralling behind her, trying to rush in when the house was completely in darkness, she banged her leg on the ledge of door, stumbled on chair and everything was chaotic until Rayyan took charge of her and put her on headphones. More crackers followed… sigh! Now I am accused of being a liar and having fun at her expense.
She called her Mama and aunt to know about their well-being. She asks me for the updates regularly and she is back to watching serials online.
She is surprisingly calm and has accepted the new situation with great patience. Thank you Farheena for being more sensible than many others around me.
Unfortunately, since she is not dressed formally I cannot take pictures of her to post. I had once posted the picture of her mopping and she immediately asked me take it down and not to make her embarrassed in front of the whole world. “Everyone watches Facebook posts” was her response. Yesterday, I was just about to take the video of her waving her phone when the crackers started bursting.
Meanwhile she keeps asking, “We will go out in July or a month after it (she cannot pronounce August), right?” and I assure her yes. I have to agree that her innocence and different way of looking at things brightens up my day.
PS : she saw the mopping picture and censored it. Of to delete it now..


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