Thursday, April 16, 2020

When You Can't Point Your Finger - #100LessonsOfLife - 5

Farheena will be your choice of a candidate if there is a job requirement that needs to find loopholes in rules. Mind you, she never breaks a rule, she will only go around it or find a loophole that she can adjust to her need. She does that all the time, and here is an example with picture.
You know how the environment around homes change during exams? People avoid TV, children are nagged always to study and there is overall a big change everywhere once February begins to move forward. It ends with frenzied last minute studying and writing of exams in March/April.
Farheena was lucky to escape the tensions of exam but she made a choice that she wanted to suffer the exam fever with children around her. Starting from February, she would get busy studying for exams and would end that with a picnic with all the children who have finished with the torment of their 10 month of preparations and finally are allowed to enjoy for a few days.
Once in March, my dad was sick and admitted to hospital. Farheena came there with all her books and study materials so that her exam preparation would not be disturbed due to her caring for her grandpa. Everyone would envy me for having such a studious child who was so serious about her exams. Many of them never knew the imitation game at all. So, she pretended to be a busy bee, lending her hand to make my dad sit, sleep or eat and immediately sitting with the books to study. 

She looked like someone who carried a big burden of life on her tiny shoulders. It was done so seriously, that sometimes even I would start worrying about that exams which did not exist.
After a tiring day in hospital, Farheena was quite tensed up with her imitation of children studying for exams with me beside her to guide her with doubts because she had lost a lot of time and exam was very near. Her dad had something to discuss with me, so he approached us with his query. Farheena was quite upset with this new disturbance at this crucial time and warned him by pointing a finger at him. “You don’t disturb us now. We have lot of work to do”. Being the egoistic man, he retorted, “Don’t point your finger at your father! How dare you do that?” Immediately, Farheena retracted her finger and pointed her thumb and with the same ferocity repeated, “You don’t disturb us now. We have lot of work to do”. We both had tough time not laughing out loud which could upset her considerably. Since he had his phone in hand, he could immediately click a pic without her knowledge. I shooed him off and continued with Farheena’s studies.
I sometimes envy Farheena because she easily lives in the world she creates for herself. The reality doesn’t touch her most of the time and she is quite happy. This is a kind of mental state that eludes us. Many children have their fate in the hands of their evaluators, but Farheena had it in her own mind. Her results were what she wanted it to be. How lucky!
Finally, there were some exams for evaluation arranged for her in Dina Special School and she did good job of it. Like always, she was very happy with the results. But, more than this real test, she always enjoyed the act of being a very serious student and getting the exam fever. That world is always a beautiful place where entry is so tough for people like us who can rationalize and worry.


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