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Life came to me in form of chapters. Every chapter linked to the other in its own unique way. I take time to study the chapters in order to learn my lessons from them. Every simple small chapter has something to tell me, some secret to reveal, and some hidden message to be told. Here, I share with my readers the lessons I learn from my life through my blog.

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I can divide my life into few major categories as certain events have had a strong impact on my personality. 

Kids are the most important part of my life. I am a lucky mom. The best part about having kids is they did not take away what is there in me and change me into a Maa. They have brought the real me out and made me what I was really meant to be in the first place. They haven’t driven me nuts – but made me think wisely. They have not made me weak and nervous but made me strong and brave.  They have given me the enthusiasm to fight for my life and live in their happy world, enjoying their company. I can proudly say ‘I am at my best when I am being a Maa’. I am generally an excellent person when I am with children; no conflicts, no arguments, only fun. This is one of the reasons why I love teaching.

Child Abuse  I feel very strongly about people taking advantage of the innocence, vulnerability, and weakness of the child. Emotional, verbal and sexual abuse of children should be stopped. If not it may create a vicious circle of happenings where the abused child may grow up to be a abuser himself/herself.

The cancer touch is about my experience of going through breast cancer at the age of 29 yrs. I was insecure, scared and worried mom of a special needs girl of 11 months, and a lovely boy of nearly 5 back then. Cancer squeezed out every ounce of fighting spirit and strength I had in me. I changed after my experience with cancer. I started off with by seeking help from counselors and ended up being a counselor myself.  I evaluated myself slowly and in years to come by, I realized who I am. I had lost myself somewhere during the transition of childhood to adulthood and also during the building up of relationships. The enlightenment for me has not been sudden flash of lightning; rather it is like the water dripping on a stone creating a passage through it. It all started when I was very near to death during my session with chemotherapy where I felt I have done nothing with my life so far and soon it will end. I stood there on the brink of being buried, replaced and forgotten. So here I am today, searching for that self actualization and also for the spiritual enlightenment.

Poems, especially the lyrical ones have always been my favorites. Back in my school days, I would go over the poetry section of the text book again and again, which shocked my fellow students. Starting with William Blake the journey continued, I enjoyed poetry from various poets while trying to pen down few of my own lines. Some of them I have preserved; some lost in the humdrum of life. I lost my touch of writing poetry after the birth of  my daughter; since then the poems have been rare like 5 -6 every year. In this of the blog I share my poetry from past and present.

Autobiography is part of my own unedited version of growing up years. It was full of confusions, conflicts, but also had good share of love and fun. I write down the events just as a part of discovering myself. To investigate what events and words back then had the impact on me, to the extent of bringing about a change. May be this is height of self appreciation; honestly I do once in a while enjoy reading my own story all over again. ;) Confused parents can check into my story, peep into the mind of the child and see how their words and actions affect the children. In my childhood, the main issue was my club foot. Now I see how stupid that was.

Family and Relationships are very important for me. My parents have made wrong decisions and mistakes, but they have loved us with everything they had. My sisters and brother are a part of me. 
We have a bond that has stood a lot of stress tests. We have differences, but the differences never interferes with our love. Relationship also means the bonds we tie. My husband and his family are a part of  my ties. I have never lived with my husband for more than 6 months at a stretch, hence, it is kind of weird married life I have experienced. 

About Me

I am a Mom of two youngsters, who I love with my whole being. They are a huge of my world, which is filled with game, movies, work and fun time. I am pursued my education after 25 years and did fairly well with completion of Masters degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy.  Next goal is PhD. I enjoy online counseling where I can lend emotional support to people in need. 

At present I work as Freelance Writer and Head -Operations and R&D team at SHRI Pvt. Ltd. I do content writing and promotional work for I  had to give up my job as a Mentor for counseling students at Banjara Academy and also as a counselor due to time constraint. I love my job as a life skill trainer for all age groups. My passion is creating awareness in people about social issues through interactive workshops. 

I was diagnosed with Infiltrating breast carcinoma (breast cancer), state III, in April 1996 when I was breast feeding my 11 month old daughter. I have been lucky to survive breast cancer for more than 20 years. 

I wear my attitude and share my life mantra through my quotes on I Quote

I enjoy being ME despite the roller coaster ride of life.... and I am quite sure after being with myself for so many years that I do not want to be anyone else. I accept things as they are because, I believe God to be smarter than me. He knows what is good in the long run. I never intend to spoil his plans for me with prayers or by asking him to do what I think is right. I did rather leave it to him to choose what is best for me.

Reveiws of my blog 

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My Funda Of Life (Self Quotes)
  • I don't want to be understood. I enjoy being complicated and confusing!
  • I will be grounded when I am dead. For now let me enjoy floating around. 
  • Bad people are like piece of shit. I flush them and forget them!


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