The Cancer Touch

People ask me often why I dwell upon my cancer experience and blog about it. The answer is simple. I am trying to SCARE people by letting them know that if cancer could happen to me when I was just 29 years old and breast feeding my 11 months old baby girl with special needs: it can happen to YOU. Even if one person rushes to get scanned, then I think the blogging is worth my effort. The next step of my blogging about cancer is to spread HOPE. I survived cancer for 17 years against all odds; hence, those who have been diagnosed with cancer need not lose hope. If I can survive stage III Infiltrating Breast Carcinoma so can YOU. Fight it and do not quit! 

Posts about my cancer experience

1) Surviving Cancer for 13 Years

2) Losing My Sister 

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6) My Friend Kathi Kolb

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10) It Has Been 14 Years Since I Last Saw My Sister

11) Guest Post By Paula Gerding

12) October - The Month Of Breast Cancer Awareness       

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15) Meeting Friends Who Survived Cancer

16) 15 Years and Still Counting

17) Rest In Peace Paula Gerding

18) Let Life Be Your Focus Not Survival

19) The Response Of Survivors

20) Confusions Conflicts and Choices

21) Do Not Surrender To Cancer... Fight, Live and Laugh

22)The Story Of Prodigal Hair

23) Life Is So Unpredictable

24) Can We Ever Say "I can quit now" ?

25) You Have Got It All Wrong

26) A Girl With Brown Eyes On Her Back

27) Escape From The Sun Scare

28) I Survived ....

29) Hair Problems And The End Of It

30) Soak Us No More In Fear

37) Surviving Cancer For More Than 20 Years... Touch Wood.
My sister and mommy

Sisters in Survival                  

My Friend Kathy Kolb an amazon warrior


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