Monday, October 15, 2012

The Fatal Blow

I, who faced all alone
Each of my enemy’s attacking stone
I, who always stood strong,
To prove my every opponent wrong
I, who never fell down,
But had seeds of my victory sown
I, whom even a rock,
Failed to give a mild shock
I who made everything rebound
And yet stood safe and sound
I, who was very proud,
Of not receiving even bruises
By a pebble thrown by the one I loved
Was broken into pieces

(Dated 13/10/1996)

The one who can hurt you very deeply can only be the person who you have loved. At times I write down something because I love to write but at times my feelings just flows out in form of words... This is one of those feelings. I weakest and most vulnerable I felt was the time when I went through the last cycles of Chemotherapy. Shaken, tired and broken, I almost threw in the towel but then all of sudden there was surge of energy in me, which has kept me pushing even to this day, nearly 16 years down the line. 


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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