Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Faith of a special Girl....

My daughter is always scared of sudden sounds like that of crackers, bursting balloons etc. She was not terrified of it earlier but just scared until a kid played pranks on her and took her from the stage of scared to terrified. It is a terrible sight to watch her jump up, cringe low and shake all over with fear on the sound of bursting crackers. I am trying to make her understand everyday that sounds do not hurt you ( yeah yeah .. I am lying a bit) and it is ok. On 4th of July we were at my friends Judy’s where I finally put my foot down and got her to watch the fireworks in Philadelphia. The sights took her breath away and she enjoyed them shaking all over …. Crying and laughing at the same time. But after coming back to India during the Diwali season she did suffer a lot.

Few days ago we had lots of thunders and lightings which made me and Rayyan jump out of our skins. The noise was loud and it looked like the earth is shaking….I was working in kitchen and forgot about my daughter who was sitting down doing some paintings in her book. My son rushed in and asked me how is Farheena doing with all this sounds. That made me rush into the room only to find her calmly doing her painting as though nothing was happening around her. My first thought was may be she has gone deaf due to the loud sounds, second thought was that she has been shocked into silence. So I went near and found she is all right doing away her drawing. I asked her how come the sounds were not bothering her today? And she said- THIS IS COMING FROM GOD AND I KNOW HE WILL NOT HARM ME. IT IS PEOPLE HERE WHO SCARE ME. I was shocked into silence by what she had to say… wish I had such faith. My kids have been my teachers in many ways and I will learn a lot more from them….


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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