Friday, March 5, 2010

Silent Love........

Should love be expressed openly or not? The topic comes under debate quite often. Many believe that eyes speak the language of love better than words. Some argue that words are hollow, it is action that counts. So, often we see people who love someone quite passionately, but unfortunately the person being loved will never know about this. One of the main themes of our Bollywood love triangles is this hidden love, which ends with one corner of the triangle sacrificing in the end.
Me thinks.. love should be expressed openly. We cannot depend on the spiritual connections or the divine vibes making the other person turn around by just wishing them to. Easier said than done! Most of us end up being tongue tied when we want to express our passionate feelings. What makes us hold back? Is it the fear of rejection?  Is it the fear of not being understood? Shyness?

Silent love 

Love is great; for sure it’s a matter of pride
But what is love if in heart it has to hide?
When it lies hidden failing to achieve its goal
How can it then console a poor craving soul?
Like, though in abundance is the frothing water of sea
It fails to ease the thirst of even a soul- tiny and wee
Lots of water but not a single drop to drink
What a huge waste if you do care to think
Though natural and for nobody’s fault
The poor monstrous demon is so full of salt
Someone close to it as close as its shore
Fails to have a drop even if parched to core
If not like the salty water of sea vaporizing
Then metamorphosing to gray clouds on rising
Coming down again as rain so sweet and pure
The thirsty and parched, now it has power to cure
So should love, out of our hearts flow
Along with our soul the face should glow
Like rain filled clouds roaming the skies
A yearning and lovely look must float in eyes
Sweet fragrant words from tongue should rain
Bearing the power to free any soul from pain
As rain adorns with green the dry parched earth
So will confessed love give life a new birth.
If not what is love if hidden in thee?
Like the wasted salty water of sea.

Farida Rizwan 
(written when she was in love ;) )


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