Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Bet!!!

Behind the smile... A scene from the backstage of the boxing ring.. LOL
I told her that she did not know whether the man was willing to marry the woman who had discussed the differences and problems that may arise out of this bond after marriage. May be he had seen my point and changed. I know if those were the days of mobile she would have picked it up for confirmation. We did not have telephones back then and the concerned person was in Byndoor, where as we were in Bangalore. I tried to quickly get out of the mess I had got into. I told mommy that may be he changed his mind and we should end the discussion there.
Mommy was never a person to let go of an opportunity. She knew I loved to study astrophysics and how much I loved watching stars. Once I got admission, there was no way she could lure me into marriage and if marriage would happen then it would not be with the one she had chosen. So this was her time and she held to it with whatever she had. She told me that she knew he would come in and confirm with her that he was still willing to marry me.
Me: When?
Mommy: Soon
Me: No I need a day.
Mommy: In a month
Me:That is too much of time Mommy. Be specific
Mommy: Ok. Three days. Do you agree now?
Me: I need a time too
Mommy: Ok. 11 a.m. Now you have got the odds favoring you tremendously. So if I win you need to agree to do what I say.
My mommy was an ordinary house wife and I swear she had no visionary powers. So I told her the promise will be held for its word until the third day and after that she has to let go of it. She agreed. I made her promise that no telegrams should be sent. ( it suddenly struck me that they would send some telegram with weird message of someone’s death etc). She agreed. I told her third day 11.00 am was the dead line. She agreed. If the husband supposed to be did not arrive by then and confirm his consent I would never be stopped from studying astrophysics ever. She agreed.
WHEW!!! I had got myself out the mess quickly enough. My mother had not heard from her chosen one for 3 months and there was no chance that he would suddenly land in when she wanted. So I went back to my books and started studying for the exams which were going on. I had done two of them and 4 remained. I forgot all about the bet.
The third day at 9.30 a.m.I remembered the bet and gave a knowing smile to my mother. My mother went about her everyday chores ignoring me. I reminded her that her opportunity to take advantage of my promise had gone to waste because of her big wish. She said she still had 90 minutes left. When a person travels from Byndoor to Bangalore, they reach there at around 7 a.m. in the morning and if late at 9 a.m. I reminded my mother of promise to allow me to study astrophysics and she said she never goes back on her word once she promises her children. I knew there had to be a catch somewhere but could not find anything amiss anywhere.
Lost in thought I did not see the clock hands move towards 11 a.m. I was sitting out in the verandah and studying, my mom was cooking and sister watching television when there was a knock on our door. I absent mindedly opened the door and was shocked as though I have seen a devil……….there stood the chosen one.
What? He asked
I did not say anything … silently walked into my room and looked up at the clock. It was showing less than 5 minutes to 11 a.m.


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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