Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Smile your Life Away

Smile your Life Away

If you aren't happy and feel depressed
Try to laugh away all those problems
There are many things for which joy can be expressed
For our being alive, smile is an emblem

Look away when someone stares with rage
Turn deaf ears to someone abusing you
Take every frustration with calmness of sage
Just for the sake of smiling; smile all life through

Realize life cannot consist of only pleasures
Its needs to have its own share of strife too
Why not find the in-hidden treasures
Why not be satisfied with God’s gift to you

Do not be scared of trouble’s slimy hands
Shed not even a drop of tear
Against time not even the cruelest stands
When God is our guardian; then why fear?

Do not be always receiving from everyone
Remember, there is joy in giving too
From right path be distracted by none
Be happy if you harm no one and are true

Do not feel sad if you have no wealth
Do the happily chirping birds possess money???
Great wealth is your happiness and good health
And wealth is your words, if sweet as honey

Be happy for you know not death’s pace of creeping
Laugh as you know not when life declines
Life when it came to you had found you weeping
So shouldn't death find you in all smiles?

By Farida Rizwan


  1. lovely :)

    I use too keep in mind, that every problem is a hidden gift...

    Big hugs to you :)

  2. I came again to read your poem as I love the expression 'smile is an emblem'. Truly beautiful...

  3. This is beautiful and so true. And if we're smiling, we make other people smile. Laughter is a balm for the soul. That's what I'm hoping to do with Happy Honkers.

  4. Such lovely lines and so beautifully crafted into a Poem..
    and as per me, the best line was perhaps this one ~ "Take every frustration with the calmness of a sage..."
    so beautifully presented...
    As Shakespeare wrote in 'Othello' ~ "The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief."

  5. Loved it Farida Ji.. :)
    "Do not be always receiving from everyone
    Remember, there is joy in giving too" Super like for this... Many people won't realize this simple fact :)

  6. that was beautiful...loved the last lines...there is an old saying in bengali: you know that you are successful if you are smiling and the world is crying when you die, you aren't successful if it is the other way round...

  7. Hi Mam.. I am a fan.. not just of ur blog, but of you too..
    This poem is very bold and thoughtful.. each of those words were inspiring..!

  8. I think that's what I'm trying to do.. ... very well said in poetry

  9. what a beautiful and thoughtful write... deep and beautifully penned


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