Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Son

Meet Rayyan… The teenager, who passed through the teen years, without even knowing that it was the most troublesome period of his life.
I cannot believe Rayyan is already a young man. He was just a kid few months ago. I think he is a kid even now, what do you expect from my child. I haven’t grown up yet ;).  
I really have a good laugh at my Mom whenever I see Rayyan. I was a naughty kid and she said, “As per the rule of nature, you are going to deal with all the problems I have dealt with -> because of you. You will realize my struggle when you will have your own kids”.
Even as an Infant, Rayyan disappointed my mother by going against her rule of nature. Though she loved him the most, she was very upset that he did not do unto me what I did unto her. LOL
He has passed through his teen’s years quite smoothly. I wonder how he could not worry about those pimples, girls, clothes, hair style, friends or any other teen related problems.  Another surprising fact about my amazing son is his openness about happenings in his life. He never tries to keep secrets. I have never discovered any of his secrets so far, so either he could be a extra smart person that his secrets are so well kept that I have no clue he is hiding anything from me. He appears so crystal clear, that I never worry about him at all.
He handles every relationship in a way that I feel, if he had been there earlier in my life, I would have had better life from the one I have now.
May be people will not believe that he has not used foul language or his fists even once so far. I was quite generous with both of them as a kid and wonder how is he dealing with his problems. He says those kind of situations never arise in his life.
May be he has cursed the power cut when it took away his hard work on computer at times..but I don’t hear it out loud. I don’t see him getting angry towards living or non-living things.
He has a matured and balanced attitude towards Farheena. He has never allowed our love for her to spoil her. He reminds her often to get her exercises, be independent as much as she can and finds innovative ways of teaching her. If not for him, I would have never realized she could handle smart phones and computers as well as she is doing now. He takes out time to be with her and reminds me to do the same.
He is an amazing brother, son, grandson, nephew, student and friend to the people in life. I am proud to have known such a wonderful person in my life.. leave alone the part that I am a very happy Mom.
 Wish you all the happiness in your life dear Rayyan. May God Bless You

Some pictures from his journey through life..

Disney world
Tarpon Springs

With friends in water park

After football game
cool huh?

Loves cars and bikes

Loves roller blades and skate boarding
Sleeping on the grass he mowed.. 
BMX stunts

The school Project Work

Rayyan school in Bangalore
With Class mates from first school
First prize in drawing
Winning Accolades
On the beach 

With Cousins Manal and Shuraim
With Grandpa


  1. wish you a very very happy birthday Rayyan...

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, God Bless!

  3. Hi,

    1st time here yet falling n love wid ur blog and ur write ups...following u..nicely described abt ur son...and i can tell hw much u love ur child..i am a new mom u can say as my boy s only 1 and half yrs old..but still love him a lott and understand ur fellings...:)....wish ur son a very happy b'day n my bhalf...God bless him...he surely achieve his goals n life as he s a gem...:)

  4. Happy birtday Rayyan :) Your mom is lucky having you, and you are lucky having your mother :)

  5. Wish you a happy birthday Rayyan... May this year do wonders to your life..

    Someone is Special

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  8. Wish you many more happy birthdays.. Belated wishes from my side to your son fareedaji..

  9. @ Farida Rizwan

    How sweet! Happy Birthday to your little guy!


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