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Waiting for the Right TAB… Is Samsung Galaxy TAB 750 the one?

Update: Fortunately Apple iPad 2 has walked into my life through the Get Smart Contest and I love it...

Is it time to TAB? Are PCs and laptops being pushed to background? My children say, “YES”. Gadgets are an important part of my life. I stay connected with almost everyone important in my life through my gadgets…I could have easily said each and everyone if only I could have God’s personal number, facebook connection or email ID. With my limited budget, it is important for me do research, ask people and find out the virtues and vices of every device before investing on them. It is worth the effort as most of the devices I opted for have served me faithfully for a long time.
Since the joke was posted on my facebook page,
Knock Knock …
Knock who?
Ipad 2….
announcing the arrival of Ipads and Tabs, my family of three (hubby hates our gadgets) have been yearning to hold those sleek, beautiful things in our hands. Farheena is facebook addict and a gadget freak too. She was watching the you tube reviews from behind, when Rayyan and I were checking out the I pads and tabs available in the Indian market. Since then she has decided that she definitely prefers the tabs over laptop and PC. The price, OS, my budget and appearance of the devices; everything taken into account, I could not find something we could invest on last year other than the Ipad. There was nothing noteworthy from the world’s largest technology company (by sales) and second largest producer of smart phones, Samsung either. In fact it was lagging behind in the Tab Arena, which was an indication that they were about to come up with something smart soon enough.
I waited till mid 2011 and found nothing to grab my attention so far. Apple ruled the Tab world. After investing on two smart phones for my two teens; if I had to buy a tab with my limited budget, then I had to compromise on specifications which were important for us. So, I have been procrastinating buying tablet PC. Some tabs were written off for the sake of price and some for lack of our specific requirements. Again some of them, though wonderful devices were to be given up because they were not being updated anymore. We have to keep in mind the applications available in future for the tablets too, as we cannot keep investing on purchase of applications.
Watching the launch of Samsung live from the widget on my blog, I was thinking whether this is the nearest to what I have been waiting for in a tablet pc?

As the usual procedure, I started the evaluation of the tablet pc through the internet sources, keeping in mind the people who are going to use it in my house hold.
Android honey comb is what we have zeroed in after checking out all other OS for the tabs. The applications are easy to find and the operating system is the best we have come across yet. Of course we cannot rule out the champions from the Apple company who can brag about their superiority in OS, but then Android is good enough too with its easy available applications and user friendly interface. Apple has an obsession with tightly controlling its OS which makes it difficult for simple users like us to make any changes to its looks and functions.  Android allows us to mould its appearance to give us a highly personalized experience of using any device. So the Samsung tab met our first criteria of OS with the latest Android Honey comb though we would not mind the apple OS.
For us, the most exciting feature of the Samsung tab 10.1 has been its outstanding design which has made it the lightest and thinnest tab available in the market. Even though the margin is negligible it counts, as it does in an Olympic race.
Ask P T Usha, how the 1/100th of second took away the Olympic medal from her. Teens love to own the ultimate devices; the reason for which the words, thinnest, lightest and such ultimate specifications mean a lot to them. Initially, I couldn’t believe that Samsung beat the weight of the Ipad2 with that 10.1 inch screen. It looks like the Samsung Tab 750 is the first Android tablet, which has given a lot of importance to both the hardware and software designs. Most of the reviews on technical sites that I have come across tell me that the PLS-LCD display of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is the best. It has a resolution of 1280 x 800 which can give us vibrant and sharp details.  Also it is stated to have iridescent color production to produce potent luminance which is very pleasing aspect. It has no problems when used outdoors in sunlight; since the colors remain constant from different angles.
With our huge and frequent power cuts, we could spend time watching movies on its rich graphical screen.

Rayyan Studying for his SSLC Exams

 It is much lighter than many of the books I read. Being Mom to a kid with weird reading styles, I think a light weight tab is perfect for us. I can just imagine my son with the tab instead of that book in his hand and it looks fine to me. It would hurt him to carry a 565 gms tablet in any angle.

Trying for some secluded spot to concentrate on 

The amazing thin and light body gives it unmatched mobility… so it would be fine to carry it up those trees.

1Ghz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 with ARM Cortex 9 CPUs and GeForce GPU will appease our great appetite for games.
As a freelance writer, the research work would be comfortable to be carried on the tab. The flash player support would allow me to browse the sites without limitations. Also the HSPA+ and WiFi will give me access internet when I need it. I can surf the web without being disturbed by kids who want to check the facebook updates from PC.
The e-books are so tempting, and with its sleek design, and high resolution screen, I think this is finally going to replace the books I own.

My daughter would love to try her art on the new interactive slate. Also she could enjoy the music with its stereo speakers while creating her masterpiece.
We do Skyping with my hubby, who is away in Sharjah most of the time. The front camera of 2 megapixels will be quite ideal for video conferencing. The rear camera of 3.2 megapixels is awesome feature for a tablet pc.

The curved edges and looks fascinated us when we watched the device on you tube.For the color, I sure would prefer the pure white color over the soft black.
I wish they would have included the MicroSD card slot and MicroHDMI port, though I am sure that whether we would actually need it.
The  Li-Po 7000 mAh battery gives the Galaxy Tab 10.1 close to 10 hours of video playback.
Browser, Email, Gmail, Gallery, Maps, Books, Google Search, Google Talk, Voice Search, Latitude, Music Hub, Navigation, Places, Pulse, QuickOffice, YouTube, Music Player, Android Market, Samsung Apps are all included in the default installed apps.
Do we need something more??? May be in future but for time being this looks like the ONE we have been looking for. It is time to tab…………. Of course!

This post is written for the contest ‘It’sTime To Tab’ on Indibloggers, by Samsung Galaxy Tab 750


  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  2. Beautifully written blog.
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  3. Haha.. :) It really looks smart and everything, but I couldnt help wonder: what about the extra equipments like battery charger? And you will need a bag or a big pocket to carry it around outside home :)

  4. Awesome bit of writing! Its not just about the TAB :-) beautifully written..

    Greetings from Pixellicious Photos

  5. Farida, yet another beautiful post from your pen.. Ryaan looks studios.. and I always love posts relating to life.. All the best for the contest..

    Someone is Special

  6. Thank you everyone for your appreciation.

    @Ege - The Galaxy Tab comes with Li-Po 7000 mAh battery giving close to 10 h of video playback. Sure I will need special bag to carry it around ;)

  7. Hmmm... After reading this post.. I only have one thing to say (the same thing which I keep telling to myself every time I come across Samsung Gallaxy tab.. be it add, posters, pictures or even someone holding the real ones)

    "some day... some day..."

  8. yeah someday 20 indibloggers are going to hold that Galaxy tab 10.1

  9. Farida
    You have beaten all the geeks. I didn't know you are so tech savy!

    All the best.

  10. Nicely compiled post. You have given all that is necessary for anyone interested to buy the tab. Oh! You have even promoted Samsung considerably. :)


  11. Well-written dude! I loved those videos.
    Good luck for the contest by the way! :)

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  12. 10 hour? not bad :) Have decided which one yet? :)

  13. wonderfully written... I really loved the photographs ... so casual and full of life :)

  14. This is interesting, I've been thinking about this tab too.... can't quite make up my mind.. but it always comes back to this one.


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  16. Nicely written. It's a treasure reading your post.

  17. Thanks everyone for the support. BTW 'Being me' I think you will enjoy this tab.

  18. very well written madam
    all the best

  19. Very nice write-up.
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  20. thanks Gowardhan.. Hope everyone thinks like you.
    Yash- I found solid reasons... ;) so could put forth them out here.

  21. Hi Byndoor

    Nice post, describing how it is useful for all family members. All the best.

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  22. It's true Samsung has not only concentrated in hardware part (tegra 2) but also has enhanced touchwiz with socialhub, musichub and mini apps.

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