Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Am A Stone

I Am A Stone
I am not wax
That can be molded with little heat
I am not even the metal
That changes to few beats
I am the Stone.. ‘YOU’ cannot change me
I change with time, slowly, naturally
If you try to speed up my change
You will end up breaking me
Even great sculptors that change
The simple stone into great art
Have chipped bits off it
To make it what they think is perfect
Similarly, a change in me means
You chip off bits of me
Taking away something that is a part of me
To make me what you want me to be
I may become a piece of art
But then I have lost something that was ‘ME’
    Farida Rizwan


  1. absolutely beautiful farida:), i have to admit,im not really the kind of guy to appreciate poetry,id rather watch an action movie lol if you know what i mean,but after reading your piece of poetry, i thought it was wonderfully worded :)

  2. Beautiful!!
    I too feel the same @ times when ppl want me to change because they feel that is good for me.... I am not against changing but changing against my wish and just to please others will make me fall... lovely poem...

  3. That is lovely! And these line
    "I may become a piece of art
    But then I have lost something that was ‘ME’" are simply great.

  4. Leopaw, u beat me to it. These lines wil strike a chord v evry1.

  5. I loved the last two lines. We change with time and circumstances but often the is result losing a bit of ourselves.

    A thought provoking rhythmic post!

  6. Thank you everyone for your supportive response...

  7. O! This s quite creative n written indepth...good job!!


  8. such depth in the lines
    very nice poem

  9. This is lovely, the thoughts it brings to mine are deep and many.

  10. Beautiful, Farila. Is there a meaning deeper than words behind this?

  11. Yes Simone.. This comes out when I am being stopped from my right to get educated

  12. Strange, I didnt notice this poem before now.. But what you write, is true, so true :)

  13. Just Loved It!!

    I'm a big fan of your writing Ma'am.

    Looking forward to read more of you.

  14. This poem is beautiful, and resonates with me so much. I thought to myself "I am a stone" and then I typed it into Google, looking for something. The search brought me here. I was pleasantly surprised to read this poem, which seemed to express my feelings perfectly. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

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  16. I can so relate myself to your lines.. you become something for someone and you lose 'YOU'..


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